Sentinels Valorant sign former XSET head coach SyykoNT

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Sentinels was set to have a substantial rebuild following the Valorant partnership, and they’ve already replaced their head coach and strategic coach ahead of 2023.

Getting accepted into the Valorant partnership program was a goal for many teams competing in 2022, and Sentinels is one of five North American organizations to make the cut.

Though Sentinels have a huge following and clear identity as one of North America’s most prominent Valorant organizations, their 2022 performance wasn’t exactly stellar.

There’s a roster rebuild ahead, according to former 100 Thieves coach Hector ‘FrosT’ Rosario. And we’ve already seen some Sentinels staff get replaced ahead of 2023.

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First, Kanpeki was released from Sentinels, and now their coaching staff has seen some big changes with the signing of SyykoNT as Head Coach, and kaplan as the Strategic Coach.

Setting Sentinels up for success in 2023

Sentinels are famous for a reason. Their triumphant victory in Reykjavík put North America on top of the World in the early days of Valorant. Both Shroud and TenZ have played for this organization, two of the biggest pros and content creators in Valorant.

With the addition of tarik as a streamer for Sentinels, it’s no secret as to why it’s such a popular organization. So, in order to find a roster that works and improves as much as possible going into 2023, Sentinels have begun by signing new coaches.

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Don ‘SyykoNT’ Muir was the coach for XSET, one of the top North American teams, who made it to the lower bracket quarter-finals at Valorant Champions 2022 before being knocked out by FPX.

Meanwhile, Adam ‘kaplan’ Kaplan, their new strategic coach, spent a great deal of time with both Spacestation Gaming and Ghost before joining the Sentinels staff.

Both of these coaches have been around since the very beginning of competitive Valorant, and have a great deal of experience working with different rosters.

As far as the Sentinels actual roster goes, details are still up in the air as to who they’ll sign in 2023. Shane “Rawkus” Flaherty, the former Sentinels Head Coach, has since been released by the organization.

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