Riot will start building Valorant’s “exciting” Agent lore in Episode 2

Alan Bernal

Riot Games are going to reveal a lot more about Valorant’s mysterious backstories in 2021, finally giving players the lore they’ve been craving ever since the tactical shooter came out.

Valorant has been a massive hit for millions of players, and many of them have noticed recurring themes across maps as well as obscure references between multiple Agents hinting at a larger story within the game.

As to what that story could be is anyone’s guess outside of Riot. Luckily, the studio is planning to pull back the curtain on a lot of the game’s mysteries in the new year.

Creative Director David Nottingham gave more insights on how the company is planning to reveal more aspects of the game that have so far eluded the player base and how that could play into new maps and Agents in Episode 2.

omen cypher valorant
Expect to learn more about some of Valorant’s bigger mysteries like Omen’s origins.

“Next year, we are going to start to delve more into the world of Valorant,” Nottingham said.

“We will start to confirm some (but not all) of the theories around the epic conflict between Valorant and [REDACTED].”

This means getting more developments on characters like Omen and Phoenix, among others, while possibly teasing things to come in the future.

“We’ll start to explore deeper into Kingdom: What is this corporation? What’s with all the secretive bases and stuff?” Nottingham said. “… All along we will continue to bring you new maps (with epic backstories), new Agents (from places far flung….and closer to home), and other exciting new content that builds out and expands on the lore.”

haven valorant
We’ll soon learn more about Radianite and the Radiants / Agents that came as a result of it.

This will be a big step for the game. Like with League of Legends, Riot is known for its expansive backstories to their characters and the worlds they come from.

While a lot of players aren’t exactly invested in the intricate narratives behind Valorant, advancements in the plotlines could reveal more about what’s to come later down the road.

We already know Riot likes to tease Agents in their Battle Pass, and with more facets of the game opening up to speculation, there’s going to be a lot more to unpack for eagle-eyed players.