Riot devs impressed with Valorant player’s new Agent concept “Bandit”

Michael Gwilliam
Valorant agent concept
Riot Games

Concepts for characters in games like Overwatch, Apex Legends and most recently Valorant are commonplace among fans of each series, but one Agent creation was so impressive, even Riot devs had to chime in.

Valorant is Riot Games’ first venture into the hero shooter genre, borrowing elements from games such as CSGO, Overwatch and Rainbow Six. So far in its short life, it features 13 different Agents, each with their own special abilities.

As such, it’s easy for fans to imagine what techniques and powers Agents of the future could have. One player decided to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) to express how they would design an Agent and what they would bring to the table.

In a post on Reddit, user BulgarianBL00D went into detail describing how their Initiator character “Bandit” would work in Valorant.

Agent 14 silhouette in Valorant
Riot Games
Valorant players are anxiously awaiting Agent 14.

According to the user, Bandit would be a female character from Bulgaria with an emphasis on stealing and causing chaos for enemies.

The first of her abilities, called Sneaky, would reduce the range in which footsteps could be heard. The second, Camouflage, would make her invisible to cameras or drones, but not Cypher’s Ultimate.

Moving onto her signature ability “Steal,” things get a bit more complicated. “You can steal certain abilities from the enemies, making theirs disappear and becoming your own,” BulgarianBL00D explained.

“For example if a Raze throws grenade you can use your ability and steal it, her grenade disappears and you can use it, also if you kill 2 enemies you can use another grenade, just like Raze,” they added, but noted that it wouldn’t work on Ultimates.

Her Ultimate “Distract” would create a copy of herself which would make footstep sounds. “She can give it [a] direction to walk in while casting the ult and it reveals enemies that shoot/kill it.”

The whole kit sounded so impressive that Valorant Game Designer rycoux even commented on it. “Love all the detail you put into the abilities and the thematic is super rad. I’ve definitely always wanted some type of sneaky thief or bandit in the game and the way you set up the abilities to match is really cool,” he said.

valorant match screenshot
Riot Games
Gun play is key, but abilities make Valorant stand out.

“The signature ability to steal is awesome and reminds me of Rubick from Dota2 but being able to steal basic abilities can really change how you think about the game and how to plan around your executes,” rycoux praised.

With Riot looking to “push the boundaries” of Agents in Episode 2, it will be interesting to see if any features from Bandit are incorporated with future characters.