Valorant devs finally reverse accidental Jett nerfs after player demands

Valorant Jett nerfRiot Games

Riot Games accidentally nerfed Jett in the Valorant 3.08 patch as bugs restricted two of her abilities. Five days later and a fix has since been rushed out to remedy the issue.

Update October 26 – Jett fix in patch 3.09

Following five days of speculation, Riot Games confirmed that a fix for the Jett bugs was finally deployed on October 26.

“Went ahead and fixed these Jett bugs for ya,” the official Valorant Twitter account announced.

While Jett wasn’t restricted during this period, the Agent should now be back to working as intended.

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No longer will players be held back trying to equip weapons after using Tailwind, and Updraft now costs its original price of 150 Creds.

Original story follows below…

As one of the most popular agents in Valorant, Jett sees a far higher pick rate than most agents and even other Duelists.

When players logged into the game on October 19 they felt she had received a nerf but no changes were listed for her in the official patch notes.

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Valorant players notice accidental Jett nerf

Shortly after the patch went live on October 19, Valorant players noticed Jett wasn’t playing exactly as she should.

“Jett just got nerfed and I don’t think it was intentional by Riot,” Valorant pro C0M tweeted. “I think the weapon takes a lot longer to take out than it did before, when you dash it takes a full second to pull out her weapon.”

This nerf was noticed almost right away because of how integral Jett’s dash is to her gameplay. So a full second delay to pull out weapons would hinder how players tend to use the agent.

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Luckily, Riot seems to be aware of the issue and said they were immediately working on a fix.

Riot promises a fix to unintended Jett nerf

Shortly after C0M’s initial tweet, Valorant game designer Ryan Cousart replied and confirmed that the changes players were seeing were indeed unintended.

“Digging into this now, definitely not intentional,” Cousart said.

But some players seemed to be perfectly fine with the changes. Luminosity Valorant pro Will ‘dazzLe’ Loafman begged devs to keep the change.

“KEEP IT PLEASE ILL DO ANYTHING,” he said. Though it doesn’t seem likely his pleas will be listened to.

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Discussion about Jett being OP has been around for a long time, especially after patch 3.06 in September.

Even though she received a few nerfs, some players insisted the didn’t go far enough.

Ironically, this accidental change might have been more in line with what some were looking for, but it won’t be sticking around for long.

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