Pokimane & Valorant pros share mixed reactions to Sep 21 Jett nerfs

pokimane Valorant JettPokimane / Riot Games

Valorant patch 3.06, for better or worse, introduced substantial nerfs for Jett, and pros and streamers alike are reacting to what it could mean for the agent.

The latest Valorant update, significantly nerfed Jett’s Bladestorm ultimate so it no longer recharges after a right-click kill. Not only that, it also limits her cloudburst smoke to just two charges per round.

This will definitely change how Jett plays and how other agents will play around and against her, but the reactions to the nerfs are definitely a mixed bag.

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Streaming star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys was indeed one of many Valorant players saying the quick-footed duelist might need to be tuned down in the days leading to the latest patch.

It seems she got her wish, and the content creator was not alone in thanking Riot on Twitter after the changes had gone live on September 21. Following the patch “Jett” was even trending on the site.

Some didn’t think the changes went far enough though, or at least they didn’t actually alter her dashing with Updraft and Tailwind, which is what actually makes the agent a must-pick for most teams.

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“This Jett nerf looks weird,” FPX Valorant pro Kirill ANGE1′ Karasiow said on Twitter. “Those skills aren’t why she’s OP. I think all the players need to create a petition or something to only change dash mechanics so Jett can dash only towards direction she looks at and we are gucci.”

FNATIC player James Mistic’ Orfila chimed in and added that the agent could be due for even more of a rework, as the 3.06 nerfs didn’t go far enough.

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“I mean I don’t think it does anything, Jett will still be as good as she is now,” Mistic said. “Just increases the skill ceiling a little. Needs more of a rework in my opinion.”

One player who seems thrilled with the changes is FaZe Clan pro Andrej ‘babybay’ Francisty. After the patch he joked he was happy to still be employed.

“Jett dash didn’t get touched so I still have a job,” the Overwatch-turned-Valorant veteran joked on Twitter.

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The Jett nerfs are significant, but it remains to be seen how they’ll actually affect things in-game until players get used to the changes. While some think they’re a great start, plenty of people also think the Duelist could use more fine-tuning as well.

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