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Riot devs respond to Valorant ‘pay-to-win’ Operator skin glitch

Published: 21/Apr/2020 17:14 Updated: 21/Apr/2020 19:47

by Andy Williams


Riot Games has responded to the major flaw with the newly released Prism Operator skin, where players could see around the scope while aiming down sight.

Valorant’s closed beta is moving into its third week, and it has been relatively plain sailing (as far as beta testing goes) for the Riot devs, as more players continue to test their tactical shooter.

While there have been a number of concerns surrounding Agent balancing and a couple of server hiccups along the way, Riot looks primed and ready to release a well-rounded shooter in Summer 2020.

Valorant's Raze.
Riot Games
Raze has been a controversial topic of conversation since the April 7 launch of the closed beta.

Despite this, Riot has received its first flood of community backlash following the release of their ‘Prism’ skin collection on April 20.

And it is this batch of cosmetics which are responsible for a major flaw in Riot’s plan to uphold the competitive integrity that was promised as part of their mission statement back in October 2019.

Essentially, one player discovered that if you aim down sight with the Prism skin equipped on your Operator, you can see around the scope, which plenty of people dubbed ‘pay-to-win’ — a concept which Riot are avidly against.

But amid the immediate uncertainty, Riot developers were quick to address the issue on the Valorant subreddit, where they responded with two hours of the post going live.

Player scoping in on Valorant.
ThaT_Ace (Reddit)
Players can see around their scope when aiming down sight with the Prism Operator.

One Riot developer under the alias ‘Fancypmcgee’ suggested that a patch was imminent, implying that the issue slipped through the cracks. “This is a bug which will be fixed in an upcoming patch, sorry about that! Competitive integrity is really important, and we test to make sure that we aren’t selling power with our cosmetic content.”

Nicholas ‘Nickwu’ Wu Smith, a developer who’s been at the forefront of Valorant’s development, subsequently went into more detail surrounding the cosmetic issue, explaining that the “issue only happens when material quality is set to low.”

Riot developers responding on Reddit.

So for those thinking that they could adjust their material quality to give them the edge in the server, Riot are already onto it and have a fix incoming, although an exact date for that fix is currently unknown.

Riot’s pledge to maintain competitive integrity is shown through their readiness to listen to community feedback and sort any issues in the most efficient way possible before the official release. After all, what are betas for?


Simple Valorant Sage wall trick makes Ascent door useless

Published: 28/Nov/2020 17:17

by Luke Edwards


The Sage wall is arguably one of the most useful tools of all Valorant agents. One player has found a way of using it to block access to the A-site door lever on Ascent without needing to be on the site.

Taking A site as an attacker on Ascent can be a big task. When you go long, you’re often forced into close-quarters combat, with cubby areas and multiple hiding spots from defenders in your path to the site. If you go via mid, you leave yourself open to being picked off by snipers.

Even if you do make it through mid and head right towards A site, if the enemy team hears you at all, they can just close the door, forcing you up through gardens and into heaven, giving enemies longer to react. Or, you can shoot through the door, at the cost of time and ammo.

Fortunately, one player has found a neat use for Sage wall that prevents the enemy team from being able to close the door at all.

Valorant's Sage artwork
Riot Games
Despite multiple nerfs, Sage is still a popular pick in Valorant

Easy Sage wall trick for accessing Ascent A site in Valorant

Reddit user u/awesumsauce13 has discovered this neat trick that will allow you to access A site quicker and easier.

The main advantage is that it saves you time. You’re bound to get onto site quickly, meaning you can plant the spike and buckle down ready for the rotation.

If you combine it with some smokes, from a Brimstone, Jett, or both, you can sneak onto site with even more stealth.

However, when you get the bomb planted, it then becomes much more difficult to hold. This is because the Sage wall is blocking easy access to the lever, giving the defending side an extra point of entry.

Ascent from Valorant
Riot Games
Ascent was the fourth map to be released on Valorant

It has its use on defense, too, if the attackers rush long and onto site. As mentioned by u/PrimaryZeal, by adjusting the angle of the wall as Sage, you can block the lever without giving away your location.

This means the attackers can’t shut the door, giving your team more time to rotate and more routes for approaching the site.

While not applicable to every situation Valorant can throw at you, this Sage wall is definitely a useful tool to have at your disposal.