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Riot explain their strategy for balancing Valorant Agents & weapons

Published: 20/Apr/2020 22:48 Updated: 20/Apr/2020 23:40

by Michael Gwilliam


In a new developer video, Valorant designers Salvatore ‘Volcano’ Garozzo and Trevor ‘Classick’ Romleski delve further into their balance philosophies for the game, and what can we expect in the future for patches.

Since the beta’s release on April 7, thousands of gamers have had a chance to test out Riot’s upcoming tactical shooter and while the results have been mostly positive, some players are wondering when certain Agents, such as Raze, will be nerfed.

“For Valorant we want to take an approach where we’re not knee-jerk reacting to whatever we see on a forum or whatever social platform,” Classick said, mentioning how he worked on League of Legends and was familiar with that game’s balance strategy. “We want to make sure that there’s time for players to problem solve, use all the systems and content in the game to see if they can figure out if something is truly OP or truly underpowered.”

(Timestamp 2:47 for mobile viewers.)

Volcano chimed in shortly thereafter. “With that being said, we’re going to find a tough balance here. We need to find when is the right time to step in and introduce a patch versus when it would be better to just let things take their course and let players solve the problem on their own.”

This is subject to change, however, as Classick noted this was their current take and they will be “feeling it out” as they go and see what the community wants.

Additionally, another big area for balance is when players begin to get used to the game and improve their muscle memory for things like recoil, projectiles and other weapons.

Riot Games
Who will be the first Agent to be nerfed?

It’s still very early in the game’s lifespan so there’s still a bit of a learning process for everything playing the title, so as the game progresses, players will have more knowledge and the devs will have more accurate data to work with.

“We want to be very, very delicate with how we approach changing those if they need to be changed,” Volcano explained.

“We definitely want to respect the knowledge that you build up over time and the muscle memory that you build from playing the game for a lot of hours,” Classick concluded. “We want to respect the time that you put into the game.”

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Could knives be changed in a future update?

With Valorant’s ranked mode coming “soon” it will be interesting to see if there are any balance changes that accompany the first big content drop for the beta.

Until then, it’s anyone’s guess as to what the first batch of nerfs and buffs will entail.


Riot gives update on Valorant ranked leaderboards ahead of Episode 2

Published: 21/Oct/2020 6:02

by Andrew Amos


Riot has given Valorant players an update on the game’s ranked leaderboards ahead of the release of Episode 2. While there’s currently no ETA on the project, they aim to have it out in the next major release.

Public leaderboards have been one of the most-requested features in Valorant. Ranked grinders have really had nothing to play for other than their triangles, and once the best players hit Radiant, there’s really nothing going for them.

Leaderboards have been touted as one possible solution to Valorant’s ranked problem. It gives players something to grind for, motivating them to try and hit and hold Rank 1 ⁠— or whatever their goal may be.

Riot has dodged the topic on a number of occasions, but the conversation came back into the limelight on October 20 after the developers shared a number of regional leaderboards. They showcased the top 100 players across North America, Europe, and more.

While their leaderboards were lacking metrics like MMR and otherwise, it was the first real taste of what it could look like in Valorant.

The regional leaderboards piqued the community’s interest in Riot potentially turning around and dropping the feature in game ahead of Episode 2 ⁠— the next major update.

However, lead developer Joe Ziegler has tempered those expectations.

“For those of you who want leaderboards in game, we’re currently working on that feature. We don’t have an ETA yet, but we are working on it. Will update you when we get closer to landing it,” he told players on Twitter.

It comes after Riot teased “a public, region-based leaderboard” was on its way in their Act 3 Competitive Changes preview. However, they didn’t put a time on it ⁠— just the fact they’ve started work on it.

They also teased what the leaderboard could look like potentially, including a Top 500 section for Radiant players, and breaking down what the ladder looked like during each Act. It’s a similar system to Overwatch’s ranked ladder.

Top 500 ranked leaderboard in Valorant
Riot Games
Riot has showcased a prototype of in-game leaderboards before.

So, if you’re hanging out for leaderboards, they’re just around the corner.

For now though, keep grinding, and you never know ⁠— you could find yourself highlighted in the Top 100, or Top 500, once they actually launch.