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Valorant players “furious” over new Prism skin bundle price

Published: 21/Apr/2020 1:04

by Bill Cooney


The Prism skin bundle in Valorant is rubbing players the wrong way already with its comparatively high price to other sets while apparently offering less.

Prism is one of the currently available skin bundles in the Valorant shop right now, along with the Reaver and Luxe packs on a rotating daily basis. The “Hypebeast” collection has also been leaked, but so far it hasn’t shown up in the store.

The set provides an iridescent purple base skin recolor for one weapon in each subcategory, and offers one of the cleanest-looking knives in the game, but not all players are convinced it’s worth the asking price.

Riot Games
We have to admit, the Prism knife does look great, but is it worth the price tag?

Compared to the Luxe Collection, which was 4,375 Valorant Points the last time it was in the shop, the Prism pack is much more expensive, at 6,375 points.

It costs $49.99 for 5350 VP right now, which means players will have to spend roughly 70$ in-game to unlock the Prism collection, and some definitely aren’t feeling it.

“I’m furious,” Reddit user mlalssid said. “I really wanted to get this bundle but there is no f**king way I am paying more than $50 for a reskinned default knife and guns.”

Riot Games
The Prism skin simply recolors the weapon’s base designs.

The collection also offers fewer customization options for players, for example, each of the Luxe bundle skins has different levels that can be unlocked, while Prism simply recolors the weapons basic models.

“I like the pricing in this game,” Reddit user Aleriic admitted. “So far every skin collection has been overpriced, which will save me tons of money.”

There’s another thing to consider before dropping stacks of cash on Valorant skins as well: you don’t get to keep them past the closed beta.

Players won’t keep any of the unlocked weapon skins they have, but they will receive all of the Valorant Points they purchased plus 20% when the game releases. So if you buy 10,000 VP during the beta, you’ll get 12,000 when the game comes out sometime in Summer 2020.

Riot Games
Based on the price alone, Prism skins might be some of the rarest during the beta.

Valorant still may be in its early days which means most players are probably focused on learning the game as opposed to collecting all the skins, which as is already clear from the beta, will cost a pretty penny.


Valorant devs confirm new Sage buff on the way in patch 1.13

Published: 2/Dec/2020 5:12

by Brad Norton


While Sage was an insta-lock in the early phases of Valorant, the Sentinel Agent dipped drastically due to a series of hefty nerfs. However, Riot Games has confirmed she’ll be getting some love in the next major update.

When Valorant launched, Sage was the only Agent in the game capable of healing allies. Others were capable of healing themselves, but her kit provided something entirely unique. Combined with an extremely chunky Barrier Orb that could block off a certain path, and you had an “out of control” Agent that was picked in almost every match.

It took multiple balance updates and various ability reworks to bring her back down a notch. Since then, along with the introduction of new characters, Sage has seen her pick-rate drop tremendously. The Agent has only seen play in two professional matches over the past 60 days, according to VLR.

In attempt to find a middle ground and get Sage back on track, Riot has confirmed a new buff is on the way. Here’s what we can expect in Valorant’s 1.13 update coming soon.

While it was a critical Killjoy bug that stole the spotlight on November 30, Sage was also in focus due to an issue with her wall. Thanks to the Barrier Orb being placed pre-round, she could help a friendly Omen teleport across the map and quite literally break the game.

As a result, the Agent will no longer be able to place a wall down before a round gets going. This may have seemed like a temporary fix, though Riot soon clarified it “will be sticking around in the next patch.”

“Don’t worry,” they stressed. Sage isn’t being properly nerfed again. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Despite this adjustment, a “small balance change” is in the works to “put a little power back into her barrier.”

There’s no telling exactly what that looks like just yet. Whether it’s more health, added size, or something new altogether, we’re yet to find out. Though it’s only a matter of time until Sage’s wall is stronger than it’s been for the past few weeks.

It’s clear Riot doesn’t want a repeat of Sage’s dominance. So they’re playing things safe for the time being. Instead of buffing the Agent in a number of ways, Riot confirmed a singular buff to her Barrier Orb and her Barrier Orb alone.

There’s no date announced for patch 1.13 just yet. Though we do already know something else on the way. The incoming update looks to address the smurfing issue once again, cracking down on those making secondary accounts.