xQc calls out Pokimane for trying too hard to be “rebellious” after Twitch return

xQc weighs in on Pokimane's recent "rebellious" behaviour on Twitch.Twitch: Pokimane / xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has called out fellow Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys for trying too hard to be “rebellious” since returning from her short September break, after Twitch’s stream queen shared a hilarious and quite graphic image in reply to one boisterous fan.

In the past few weeks, Pokimane seems to have let down her hair, grinding Valorant, being very open with her legions of Twitch fans, revealing graphic gifts she’s bought on-stream, and seemingly just having fun.

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The Twitch star’s more care-free attitude is an about-face from the Pokimane of old, who herself admitted she previously tried too hard to please everyone, and dubbed herself a “should-er” ⁠— someone who does “what [she] felt like [she] should do,” rather than what actually made her happy.

xQc, however, has claimed it’s not a good look for the Twitch star.

Pokimane warns xQc not to challenge Olympics over his Twitch DMCA strikesTwitch: Pokimane / xQc
Lengyel claims Pokimane has gotten “weird” since trying to become a more rebellious Twitch streamer.

The French-Canadian revealed his thoughts on September 22 after watching Pokimane lash out at a viewer who called her updated Twitch intro “dogsh*t.”

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Needless to say, Anys wasn’t too happy about that. She paused the intro ⁠— a rare occurrence for her ⁠— to appear early, hitting back at the commenter in a tongue-in-cheek tirade that ended with her showing a literal photo of dog feces.

“Dogsh*t intro on the stream… What the hell? What did you just say to me? Dogsh*t intro? You want to see a dogsh*t intro,” she said repetitively, before following it up with the graphic image: “There you go. Here it is!”

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xQc was less than impressed, and claimed it was “stupid.”

“That is so dumb, right? Why would anybody do this?” the Twitch streamer said, before making his bold Pokimane claim. “You know, I think it feels like Poki is trying to be rebellious these days, and it’s just kind of weird. It’s just kind of weird. First the skateboard tentacles, now the dog sh*t.”

Lengyel is, of course, referring to when Anys went viral after revealing a skateboard she’d bought was emblazoned with a girl swallowing a tentacle.

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While Pokimane has yet to reply to xQc’s on-stream comments, Dexerto suspects she probably doesn’t care if anyone thinks she’s being “rebellious” since returning from her short break from Twitch streaming on September 8.

Before her hiatus, Pokimane declared it was “time for a change.”

In part, the Twitch star was talking about her streaming schedule. She was also talking, however, about her on-stream persona, which has famously been quite ‘safe’ as Anys rose up the ranks of internet fame. That time is “over,” the 25-year-old said before stepping away from broadcasting in August, for good.

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She said: “I’m just a f**king ‘should-er’. I always do things that I feel like I should do. It’s time for a change. I just need to re-prioritize my life, figure some things out.”

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