Pokimane’s insane Valorant ace clutch proves her Immortal rank is no joke

Pokimane and Raze in ValorantTwitch: Pokimane/Riot Games

Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys popped off with a huge ace in Valorant, impressing Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and proving why she’s well worthy of her new Immortal rank. 

Like many of her fellow variety streamers, Pokimane has been grinding away at Valorant, rising through the ranks and settling in amongst the best of the best.

After a long, arduous road, the Twitch star managed to break through from Diamond and get into the Immortal rank – placing her amongst the top 0.5% of Valorant’s best players.

Naturally, some critics have said that she got carried up the ranks but as she continues to prove them wrong, she put on a show as Raze to pick up an Ace that even managed to blow xQc away.

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Pokimane breaks the internet after hitting immortal on ValorantTwitch: Pokimane / Riot Games
Poki has been grinding her way through Valorant.

The Offline TV member linked up with the former Overwatch League star for a round of Valorant on September 19, and while some may have assumed that xQc would steal the show, it was Poki who put on quite the display.

Though their team jumped out to an early lead, it was a pretty slim margin, and as Poki found herself as the last player standing, she didn’t have too much to lose. She managed to gun down one enemy before hopping up on a Sage wall to dispatch of two others with nasty flicks.

Things slowed down a bit from there, but it gave her time to calculate her next move. A sound cue gave away the fact that she wasn’t alone in mid, so Poki busted out Raze’s launcher and took down another enemy in mid-air, leaving her in a one-on-one. From there, she clutched up and domed the final enemy as they tried to get the drop on her.

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As the round ended, her team couldn’t quite believe what had happened. “What the f**k!” a surprised xQc yelled, while Poki was pretty pleased with herself, dropping a “let’s go!” before the next round got underway.

If anyone wants to doubt her Valorant credentials from now on, she may as well point to this highlight, as there aren’t too many better clutches.