How to fix left hand glitch in Valorant after patch 1.11

Lauren Bergin

Stuck on left hand mode on Valorant patch 1.11? Well, we have a fix for you.

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One of the newest features and most talked about features of the now repealed Valorant patch 1.11 is the ability to play in left hand mode. It’s rare to see games cater to their left handed fanbase, so the announcement that Valorant was making the lives of lefties easier came as a positive shock.

However, seeing as the patch was quickly reverted due to a plethora of issues it’s pretty apparent that something somewhere was likely to go wrong.

Valorant 1.11 left hand mode glitch

A tweet from 100 Thieves’ popular Valorant player Josh ‘Steel’ Nissan revealed that two of his teammates had fallen victim to a glitch which left players unable to switch out of left hand mode, which was made even worse by screen shakes when awping.

The issues here are very clear, but in the pro setting glitches like this make a player’s life hellish. Thousand of fans helped to amplify Steel’s tweet, each acknowledging the fact that the players still dominated but that this was a bug that had to be fixed immediately.

Thankfully though the Valorant Gods heard Steel’s pleas and reverted with an answer not even ten minutes after the original tweet went out.

How to fix it

Valorant gameplay
A fix for the issue has been found already.

Since that time, a simple fix has emerged for the problem – and it just needs a few simple steps to be followed.

  1. Load up Valorant.
  2. Select Custom Game.
  3. Head over to Enable Cheats, and lock in a character.
  4. Open General Settings.
  5. Take off the left hand mode setting in the new option screen.

Quoting his original tweet, Steel was the one who found this game changing glitch and fix. It should be very handy for all affected, as well.

By entering a custom game, enabling cheats and locking in a character, the player is then jump into general settings menu and free themselves from their left handed prison.

So while we should all thank Steel for being so vocal about this issue, hopefully the next time Riot releases the patch won’t see as many issues. After all, we all want to get our hands on Skye, and we all want to see the end of Killjoy and Cypher’s reign of terror. Until then, let’s just be happy we won’t always be stuck in left hand mode.