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Dr Disrespect shares “official” reply to Valorant Twitch drop complaints

Published: 14/Apr/2020 0:54 Updated: 14/Apr/2020 0:56

by Brent Koepp


Fresh off viewers accusing him of faking Valorant drops on Twitch, popular streamer Dr Disrespect prepared an “official” response to those upset by it. And it’s every bit as Doc as fans would expect.

Riot Games’ hotly anticipated FPS Valorant made its public debut on April 7. To celebrate, the developer teamed up with streamers to enable drops on their broadcasts which allowed viewers a chance to get into the beta.


However, on April 8, Dr Disrespect was accused by a viewer of faking this on his streams, and during an April 13 broadcast the Two-Time gave an “official” response to his detractors.

Dr Disrespect’s “official” reply

The streamer opened up his broadcast addressing the criticism he had faced for including “drops” in the title of his past broadcasts when he wasn’t partnered with Riot Games for the Valorant beta.


“I have a statement to say. There is a lot of people that were upset that I had drops enabled in my stream title last weekend. I should probably step up, and be a man about the situation. A lot of people were upset about it. News outlets picked it up,” he began.

He then delivered an official statement to those upset by his actions. “I would like to put out and official response. I don’t give a f**k,” he said, staring at the camera and continuing. “You’re looking at the best in the business, baby. You think I give a f**k!?” before shaking his head and breaking into laughter.

Defiantly, he named his April 13 broadcast “Drops! Drops! Drops!” and began to mock those angered by him including the word in his title. “Drops on drops! And drops! Come right on in!” he yelled.


He continued to throw it back into the face of his critics, screaming, “Drops and drops with more drops in the drops!” which caused his chat to explode with laughter.

The whole saga kicked off days before, when someone accused Dr Disrespect on Twitter of misleading viewers. “Dr. Disrespect has, for the past two days, had “drops” in his title, but his stream actually isn’t flagged to drop keys. Pretty fraudulent,” they said.

Regardless of how you feel about streamers putting “drops” in their title, it should be noted that it quickly became a joke on Twitch, and many personalities were doing it for comedic purposes.


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Despite the complaints, Dr Disrespect delivered a response fitting of his name. And if nothing else, it’s a lesson that if you have an issue with the Two-Time, he doesn’t care and will let you know about it.


Bryce Hall reveals why he uploaded viral street fight video

Published: 8/Oct/2020 0:23

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber and TikTok star Bryce Hall came under fire after uploading a video that showed himself attempting to break up a fight between the Sway House boys and a bystander — and now, he’s revealed his side of the story.

The video, originally taken on September 23, sparked outrage among Hall’s fanbase after being posted on October 4, with many critics calling out the influencer for what appeared to be bad behavior.


However, Sway House member Nick Bean clarified what took place in an Instagram Live stream, stating that the altercation had been his fault and that things ultimately ended on a happy note, while also claiming the incident was “misrepresented” by media outlets.

This didn’t stop some commenters from still finding fault with the situation — especially since a few choice homophobic slurs had been thrown out during the video.


Bryce Hall later told his side of the story during an episode of his “Capital University” podcast on October 7, seeming to confirm Bean’s version of events: A drunk Bean had tossed a traffic cone onto a nearby car, causing the owner to come out of a restaurant to assess the situation.

Bryce claimed that the car’s owner punched Bean in the face twice, leading to the all-out brawl seen in the video. Just like Bean’s statement, he claimed that the group made up in the end; but that wasn’t all he revealed.

The TikToker also explained why he’d even uploaded the video in the first place, stating that he wanted to get ahead of the media outlets to prevent any misinterpreting of the situation.


“We didn’t actually know that there was a video,” Hall admitted, referring to the now-viral clip originally taken from a paparazzi outlet. “I actually tweeted out the video, because I knew it was going to come out. I didn’t want the press articles to switch up the story at all. So I tweeted it out.”

At long last, Hall has finally cleared up the events leading up to the viral video; and while some fans are understanding, it doesn’t look like internet critics are willing to let this one go, regardless of his and Bean’s explanation.

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