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Dr Disrespect responds to accusations of faking Valorant Twitch drops

Published: 9/Apr/2020 11:46 Updated: 9/Apr/2020 14:34

by Daniel Cleary


Popular Twitch streamer Guy ‘Dr Disrespect’ Beahm has responded after being accused of misleading viewers by suggesting that he had Valorant Beta drops enabled on his channel when he did not.

The release of Valorant’s closed beta on April 7 has been an overwhelming success so far, with millions of players looking to get access to the new FPS title through Twitch drops.

Riot Games explained that to gain access to the Valorant beta, players would be chosen at random so long as they watched the eligible streamers that had ‘drops enabled’ for their channels.

Valorant had over 1.6 million viewers on Twitch for its beta launch on April 7.

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Many streamers on Valorant that had eligible channels saw a massive spike in viewership, but despite not being chosen to partner with Riot for the release, Dr Disrespect apparently put ‘Drops’ in his title.


According to League of Legends interviewer, Travis Gafford, the title of Dr Disrespect’s April 8 broadcast was “Drops all day”. Gafford called the move “pretty fraudulent.”

“Heads up, Dr. Disrespect has, for the past two days, had “drops” in his title, but his stream actually isn’t flagged to drop keys. Pretty fraudulent,” Travis said.

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The Doc later responded and as many would expect, he fired some shots back at Travis for exposing him by simply calling him a “Fragile, concerned little tattle teller.”

Dr Disrespect apparently changed his stream title, however, completely removing all mention of Valorant drops.


Dr Disrespect, Twitch
Dr Disrespect did not have drops enabled while broadcasting Valorant on his Twitch channel.

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Despite receiving backlash for his stream title, Dr Disrespect did not seem to be the only one taking advantage of this tactic.

Former LoL pro and popular streamer IWillDominate claimed that there were many streamers who had been doing similar on Twitch and that it was becoming a bit of a “meme”. Gafford responded, saying that it was “disappointing if that was the case.”

The launch of Valorant’s closed beta has been attracted quite a lot of attention already, with over 1.7 million viewers in total tuning into game play of Riot’s new release on Twitch on April 7.