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Dr Disrespect explains why he doesn’t care about Valorant Twitch drama

Published: 28/Apr/2020 11:58

by Andy Williams


Twitch star Dr Disrespect has delved into why the ongoing “24/7” Twitch meta in Valorant’s closed beta doesn’t phase him, while flaming Riot’s tactical shooter along the way.

In partnership with Twitch, Riot Games have been offering closed beta access to Valorant via drops — which are earned via watching streamers with ‘Drops Enabled’ on their channel.

While at first, this was presented as a novel idea, it has led to the category being plagued with channels streaming their VODs 24/7, in a bid to garner more views by manipulating the system.

Valorant's Twitch section.
There are plenty of ’24/7′ streams in Valorant, but most creators aren’t actually livestreaming content all day, every day.

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The likes of Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar and Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel have both spoken out about the controversy, with Summit labeling Valorant as the “absolute fakest” section on Twitch.


Now, the ‘Two-Time’ has had his say on the matter. With Valorant being the Doc’s second most streamed game in the past 30 days, you could say he knows a thing or two about the effects of Valorant’s drop system on streamers.

Speaking during his April 27 broadcast, the Doc explained the ongoing issue surrounding the game’s latest issues, before questioning why people are even watching Valorant in the first place — seemingly throwing the game under the bus.

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After laughing at those still watching the game, Dr Disrespect acknowledged both Summit and xQc’s take, by stating that they should just “let them stream 24/7,” simply due to the fact that no one is there to watch the game, according to the 38-year-old.


In response to a point from his chat, which stated that streamers are making plenty of money from all of the subs, the Doc stated that the whole ordeal won’t be doing any favors for their streaming career.

“I mean, are they building anything legendary out for their careers? No, they’re not! That’s the way I look at it… I mean, it’s f**king Valorant, what are we talking about, man?”

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Riot has previously made its stance known in relation to the Twitch drop system, explaining that they’re working with Twitch to keep tabs on the viewbotters, stating: “Twitch have filters in place to distinguish bots vs. people.”


The issue has magnified tenfold since drops were made available to practically any streamer in the category, which of course, is having an impact on the likes of Summit and xQc’s viewership should they choose to stream the game at all.