Dr Disrespect explains what doesn’t interest him about Valorant

Twitch/Drdisrespect/Riot Games

Legendary Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect gave his thoughts on Riot Games’ upcoming tactical FPS Valorant on the eve of its beta release, and explained what doesn’t interest him about the title so far.

The Two-Time began by touching on the game’s incredible hype and how so many pro gamers have eyed the title as their new competitive experience. While he was absolutely excited to play the game, there was one that bothered him.

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“I’ll tell you, the one thing with Valorant, it’s hard to watch,” the two-time stated. “It doesn’t interest me at all. To watch it.”

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According to Doc, he feels the same way about Overwatch, especially if the person playing is a main tank.

“It’s so many graphics. It’s VFX all over. All that stuff,” he elaborated. “But to play Overwatch, for me, and I only started playing it recently, so much fun to play. I love playing Overwatch. It’s a fun game to play, but man, I can’t watch it. I wonder if that’s going to be the same thing with Valorant.”

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While the Two-Time has yet to bring his signature speed, violence, and momentum to Valorant, he stressed how he had some issues watching the new FPS.

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“Even as a brand new game, it only took me a couple rounds to go like ‘ah, okay, this is Valorant’ and I am not really too interested,” he added.

He even went as far as to call the gameplay that he saw from other streamers a “snoozefest.”

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Doc is willing to give the game a chance, though and is very curious to “see how it plays” and if that changes his perspective on the viewing experience.

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“I think the viewing experience is pretty important for a streamer or people that stream on Twitch,” he continued. “At the same time people also like to watch people that are really good at video game and this game is… like me. Best f**king sniper in the world.”

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Only time will tell if Doc can dominate Valorant like he has so many other games in the past. A lot of eyes will be on him and other big streamers as the beta launches April 7.

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