A CSGO-style butterfly knife is coming to Valorant

Riot Games

Ever since the release of Yoru all the way back at the start of 2021, Valorant fans have been demanding a CSGO-style butterfly knife. Turns out, we’re in luck. 

While Valorant’s collection of cool weapon skins are any gamer’s dream come true, ever since Yoru dropped at the start of Episode 2 fans have only wanted one thing: a butterfly knife.

For CS:GO players, the butterfly knife is not only a symbol of power, it’s one of the most expensive items to buy skins for in-game. Plus, it looks pretty damn cool when you flick it around. So, for players who have drifted across from Valve’s FPS, the lack of butterfly knife is pretty disappointing.

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After the Episode 2 cinematic, Retake, saw the Japanese Duelist whip out a butterfly knife and use it to comb that iconic cobalt blue hair, players everywhere have been craving a Valorant version. Luckily, Riot are on the case.

CSGO butterfly knifeValve
CSGO’s butterfly knife has carved itself into the game’s history.

Riot confirms Valorant butterfly knife

It turns out that the powers that be have heard fans’ pleas. During Riot’s Episode 3 launch stream, the developers confirmed that a CS:GO-style knife is coming.

During the premium content segment, hosted by Art Lead Sean Marino and Producer Preeti Khanolkar, Marino confirms that players “are going to get one” of the coveted cosmetics, going on to state “I’m not going to say when.”

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“A lot of people have commended us [Riot Games] for being very active with the community on like, Twitter, Reddit, things like that. We’re listening, we’re part of the conversations that are happening.

“So we’re not ignoring the feedback,” he clarifies. “We want butterfly knives as much as you do, all in due time.”

In short, we will get a butterfly knife. When? That remains unclear. However, even this tiny shred of information is worth getting excited about.

For CSGO players everywhere it’s a huge level up for Valorant, and for those who are just a fan of cool-looking weapons, it’s a great opportunity to show off your knife-twirling skills.

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We can’t wait to channel our inner Yoru and do some fancy fingerwork with that knife, but until then we’ve got the Episode 3, Act 1 Battle Pass and the Yr1 Event Pass to grind through!