Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 battle pass details: all tiers & rewards

Valorant Ep 3 A 1 Battle PassRiot Games

A new Valorant Act means a brand new battle pass. All of the new weapon skins, charms, sprays, and more have been revealed by Riot Games for Episode 3 Act 1 and there are some interesting ones within! 

Breeze was the shining star of Valorant Episode 3 Act 1, and now with the third Act in this episode hitting players’ games, there is a brand new Agent coming in the form of KAY/O. This new Agent is bound to shake up the meta, but this is not the only aspect that’ll debut in the next Act.

The battle pass is once again back, and this time around Riot has added some unique skins that will make it worth your while to max out.

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We are going to run over all the skins within the new battle pass for Valorant Episode 3 Act 1, along with all the details you need to know!

KAY/ORiot Games
KAY/O strides into the Future Earth dray alongside the new battle pass.

How much does the Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 battle pass cost?

Riot is staying the course with the model they have had every Act since they began Valorant, so there are no changes in this regard.

The Episode 3 Act 1 battle pass will have a free and a premium version, with the latter the one where you will receive all the rewards encompassed within the battle pass. It will set you back 1,000 VP ($10 USD/ £10).

As well, if you have maxed out the battle pass but did not opt for the Premium Pass, you can still purchase it, and will instantly unlock all the tiers you have progressed through.

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K/TAC, Jigsaw, and Monarch skins

With every new Valorant Act they tend to add three new lines of skins into the battle pass, and this is the case with the release of Episode 3 Act 1.

The three new skinlines, K/TAC, Jigsaw, and Monarch are all exceptional, and the prize for maxing out your battle pass is going to be the K/TAC melee skin.

Skin variants are back this battle pass, as the Jigsaw set is going to feature all of your favorite Valorant Agents on respective weapon camos, similar to how the Valorant GO! cosmetics looked.

Too Heavy sprayRiot Games
The Too Heavy spray will be a favorite this battle pass.

This Act’s battle pass is going to feature more lore concepts for skins than ever before.

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“Players have been asking for more lore-based content and since it’s been a year since the release of the Kingdom gun skins, we decided to create the K/TAC skins. We actually made the very first concepts for these skins years ago when we thought they might be the base weapons,” art lead Sean Marino said.

Here are all the weapon skins within the Episode 3 Act 1 battle pass.


The Jigsaw bundle is going to have variants featuring some of the Agents within Valorant, and will have skins for the Ares, Ghost, Guardian, and Judge.






Second, we have the K/TAC line of skins for the Vandal, Operator, Sheriff, and the Bulldog. These offer a sleek design and go hand in hand with the new Valorant agent KAY/O.

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Last but not least is the Monarch skins, which are for the Shorty, Marshall, and the Frenzy

Monarch Monarch Monarch

Besides the gorgeous skins, flurry weapon charms, cards, and sprays are up for grabs within this Act’s battle pass.

When does the Episode 3 Act 1 battle pass expire?

The battle pass will coincide with the release of the new Act, which is June 22, and will run over the course of eight weeks.

So, if you’re looking to snag these awesome cosmetics, you better be ready to grind!