Warzone 2 players blast Season 4 Reloaded update for “ruining” DMZ

Ryan Lemay
plea for help in DMZ

Infinity Ward introduced a bounty feature and revamped plea for help in DMZ Season 4 Reloaded, but game-breaking bugs have prevented players from enjoying the game mode.

Season 4 Reloaded introduced a bounty system that excited players to return to DMZ. Some community members had previously complained about players putting too much emphasis on PvP combat.

A bounty system pleased all parties because it provided a challenge for those who wanted to take on other enemies. But it also allowed players that focus more on PvE and completing objectives to ignore bounty targets.

Unfortunately, DMZ’s new plea-for-help features weren’t smoothly integrated, directly opposing its original purpose.

DMZ Season 4 Reloaded update “disappoints”

DMZ streamer Westie explained why the game mode is “chalked” on Twitter. The YouTuber revealed a long list of bugs introduced after the update and isn’t optimistic about DMZ’s future.

“I’m really disappointed with what Season 4 Reloaded has done to the game mode. It’s clear the update wasn’t ready (performance issues), and the changes around reviving and assimilation don’t consider how people play the game mode.”

Fellow DMZ streamer Stodeh provided video evidence of the new plea-for-help system going horribly wrong. Plea for help is supposed to allow players a chance to get back up and not lose all of their stuff.

However, after the mid-season update, players can exploit the feature to trap players in a permanent death sequence.

Westie listed other issues with the plea-for-help system.

  • Players pleading for a revive can’t see if their plea is still active or not, leading to players just sitting in the game waiting for people to revive them.
  • Plea icons don’t appear when you’re in a vehicle, so you can’t see where players in need are Players are now camping dead bodies more than ever because they know they’ll plea for help and get other innocent players to come over.

These go along with a series of other already prevalent issues, such as pre-made six-man teams, performance issues, spawning without weapons, and XP farming.

The devs already released a small update to fix some plea for help issues on July 14, but it appears players are still having issues days later.