xQc disgusts viewers again with his outrageously messy streaming room

xQc's room on TwitchTwitch: xQc

xQx might be Twitch’s most-watched streamer, but that’s despite the low-effort look of his setup where he streams for countless hours every day. In fact, xQc’s setup is so low effort, that he rarely ever cleans it.

Most of the world’s top streamers put a lot of time and effort into creating the perfect setup, with green screens, lighting, multiple cameras, and decorations to make the background more interesting. Especially around the festive period, streamers often put their Christmas tree up.

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Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, however, has long mocked the lengths that some streamers go to, most famously in his ‘six consoles’ rant, where he jokes about how much time and money streamers spend on their streaming room. He doesn’t want his to feel like work, so keeps it simple.

But, xQc’s setup is unique in other ways – mainly how disgustingly dirty it becomes when he doesn’t take the time to clean up.

xqc's streaming room on twitchTwitch: xQc
xQc keeps his streaming setup very basic – but what you don’t see might surprise you.

xQc’s filthy streaming room

Because he spends the vast majority of his time streaming, he often eats and drinks while on broadcast, and this can leave a lot of dirty dishes and trash around.

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Although you won’t see it normally, all it takes is for Lengyel to turn his camera around to gross out his viewers.

When his partner, Adept, instructed him to clean the room, he said “it’s not even that bad. Then, as he gave his tens of thousands of viewers a look behind the curtain, it came as no surprise to long-time viewers to see the amount of trash that had piled up.

Empty cans of Coke, xQc’s favorite, plus endless bags, food containers, and other cups were strewn across his desk, floor, and even under the bed.

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Not the first time xQc has shown his state of living, the previous time he went viral, for a very similar mess in July. We just hope none of this current mess is still there from that clip 6 months ago.

It clearly doesn’t affect his ability to stream, but viewers were unsurprisingly grossed out nonetheless, with chatters leaving messages like “that sh*t is radioactive” and “I can’t even imagine the smell.”

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