Twitch streamer Kiaraakitty egged by woman for trying to “seduce” her husband

Michael Gwilliam
kiaraakitty pelted with eggs by woman for "seducing" her husbandTwitch/Instagram/kiaraakitty

OnlyFans model and popular Twitch streamer Kiaraakitty was attacked by a woman in Taiwan who accused her of trying to “seduce” her husband.

Kiaraakitty has become one of the most controversial streamers on Twitch, having been banned quite a few times over the years thanks to the nature of her content.

It seems like her spicy streams backfired in a big way after a Taiwan IRL broadcast went off the rails when she was suddenly attacked by a random woman.

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In a clip from Kiaraakitty’s broadcast, a woman began pulling eggs from a bag and throwing them at the streamer, all while yelling at her in a confusing brouhaha.

Woman eggs Kiaraakitty on Twitch over OnlyFans content

For a good twenty seconds, Kiaraakitty was pelted with eggs, and a shouting match ensued with both ladies exchanging words.

“You post sexy photos to seduce my husband!” the woman screamed in the middle of the street.

“I don’t know who your husband is. Are you mad?” Kiaraakitty snapped back, ‘egging’ the woman on.

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After the woman appeared to run out of eggs, she went on her way, leaving the streamer to blame the attack on her OnlyFans content, saying that this was her life.

“I wanna cry,” she told her chat, showing where she was hit with an egg. “What the hell! This is insane.”

According to The Daily Star, the streamer ended up reporting the incident to the police, stating that she felt the attack was inspired by her adult content. She further noted that she hopes the woman will be arrested for her actions.

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This isn’t the first time an OnlyFans model has been confronted by someone’s wife over their content. Last year, an angry woman sent a series of angry messages to an OF star who farts in jars after catching her husband watching her videos.

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