Police demand Twitch streamer Kiaraakitty apologize for faking viral egg attack

Virginia Glaze

Taiwan police are demanding a public apology from Twitch streamer ‘Kiaraakitty,’ who they say faked a viral attack where a stranger threw eggs at her for “seducing” their husband.

Kiaraakitty is a prominent Twitch streamer with over 530,000 followers. On top of her career as a broadcaster, she also produces content on OnlyFans — and viewers were convinced this content was what inspired an “attack” on the influencer in February 2024.

During an IRL stream on Twitch, Kiaraakitty was broadcasting her travels in Taiwan when a woman came up to her and began pelting her with eggs, accusing her of trying to “seduce” her husband.

The moment went viral on social media, and Kiaraakitty claimed she had reported the incident to police… but it turns out that the entire attack was staged.

kiaraakitty on instagram

Police accuse Kiaraakitty of faking egg attack for Twitch views

Taiwan police deny that the streamer ever filed a report about the incident and claim she orchestrated the attack to get views.

Police say the woman who “attacked” Kiaraakitty is actually a 32-year-old Singaporean man who was working for her. Upon taking a closer look at the ‘attack’ footage, it seems he is wearing a wig during the ordeal in a kind of costume.

The Kaohsiung District Court is now handling the case, with both the streamer and her accomplice facing charges for violating Taiwan’s Social Order Maintenance Act.

According to reports, Kiaraakitty tearfully apologized for the incident in Mandarin during a February 24 live stream, which can be viewed below:

“It was my negligence. I didn’t think this through,” Kiaraa said. “I’m really sorry. I just wanted to be funny.”

This is far from the first time a streamer has faced legal actions due to their broadcasts. In 2023, Kick streamer JohnnySomali was hit with a ¥200,000 fine for loudly streaming in an Osaka restaurant after multiple instances of bad behavior sparked outrage online.

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