Twitch streamer confronted by thief who stole €80 from her wallet

Virginia Glaze

Twitch streamer ‘Yuggie’ was robbed during a trip in Lisbon, Portugal, but luckily managed to identify the thief after he got away with her €80.

Yuggie is a popular IRL streamer on Twitch, where she’s currently documenting her travels in Portugal as of June 2024.

She was sightseeing in Lisbon, the largest city and capital of the European country, when she decided to set her camera down and film herself standing in front of a castle.

Shortly after she walked away from her camera, a man swooped in and attempted to nab Yuggie’s wallet — but luckily, she was able to stop him from making off with it.

“Excuse me,” the man can be heard saying from out of frame as Yuggie raced back to her stream, shouting, “Hey, my wallet!”

“Hold on, what are you doing?” she continued as her shocked viewers watched the scene go down in real-time. “Don’t steal my wallet! What the f*ck, bro? Holy sh*t. He was taking my wallet out of my bag.”

Later during her stream, Yuggie actually encountered the thief again, who asked her not to photograph him as she waited to cross a street.

“Don’t take photos,” he can be heard saying over the noise of traffic.

“I’m livestreaming right now,” she informed him. “I’m livestreaming. I’m doing my job.”

She switched the camera view from first-person to show the man walking up to her, who quickly retreated after seemingly realizing he was being filmed.

However, Yuggie didn’t get away from the interaction unscathed. Afterwards, she went to a restaurant for a quick bite to eat — but when she went to pay her bill, realized that the thief had made off with €80 ($85 USD).

“My 80 Euro!” Yuggie exclaimed. “I can’t believe this.”

She explained the situation in full after leaving the restaurant, seeming shocked that he’d managed to nab her cash in such a short time despite her thinking that she’d caught him in the act and thwarted his attempts at robbing her.

Viewers are now urging the streamer to bring her broadcast to the police as evidence of the theft, saying she’s lucky she was able to get his face on her stream.

Yuggie is far from the only IRL streamer to get robbed during a broadcast. In December 2023, a Twitch streamer was robbed at gunpoint while he was live, with the thieves checking his pockets and eventually stealing his streaming camera.

That same month, another streamer was broadcasting his runs as a delivery driver when he discovered that his equipment got stolen from out of his car in a break-in that went viral.