Kai Cenat wins huge $100K Adin Ross bet after beating Elden Ring boss in one try

Michael Gwilliam
kai cenat playing elden ring

Twitch star Kai Cenat shocked viewers after beating Elden Ring boss ‘Godfrey’ on the first try to win a whopping $100K bet with Adin Ross.

Kai Cenat’s Elden Ring stream has been one for the ages, with the creator frantically trying to finish the legendarily difficult game while maintaining his sanity.

So far, the game has already moved the streamer to tears – but despite over 74 hours of play time and 700 deaths, he’s not giving up. In fact, he’s gotten much better.

kai cenat in tears over elden ring
Elden Ring even moved Kai Cenat to tears.

The viral stream even got the attention of Kick star Adin Ross, who wagered Kai a whopping $100K if he could take down the game’s 7th boss, Godfrey, First Elden Lord, on his first attempt.

Given how draining and soul-crushing Elden Ring has been for Kai, this may have seemed like easy money for Ross.

X account ‘Kai Mafia Updates’ has been sharing news on the streamer’s Elden Ring progress, noting how he had 572 deaths before defeating the game’s fifth boss, Starscourge Radahn, and 711 deaths before finally besting the game’s 6th in Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy.

However, Cenat was up for Adin’s challenge. After locking in for the boss fight and focusing hard, he was able to overcome the odds by slaying the boss – much to the chagrin of Adin, who called the streamer to make him an offer.

“I’m a man for the people, so you know I gotta throw this little jab in and I gotta see if you’re down to do it. I’m a gambler. You can cash out now and bless the f**k out of your chat, your mods especially, ’cause they’ve been working a lot of hours. Or you can do double or nothing and get $200K on the next boss,” Adin proposed.

The 22-year-old Kai held his ground, though. “I say cash out,” he said.

Ross and Cenat would go on to agree that the $100,000 would be delivered the day he beats the game, but even in defeat, Adin would praise the Twitch star for putting the “insane” stream together.

“This Elden Ring thing is so entertaining,” he applauded.

Kai still has quite a few bosses he needs to take down, so the Elden Ring madness isn’t close to coming to an end. At least he knows he’ll be $100K richer by the end of it if Adin Ross keeps his word and pays up.

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