The Owl House Season 3: Release date, how to watch, more

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The Owl House Season 3 has been announced, revealing the release date for the first of three special episodes that will conclude the series. Here is everything fans need to know to tune in.

Season 3 of the hit Disney animated TV show The Owl House has been announced after over a year of waiting, and fans are excited to see what happens next to the cast of loveable characters.

The Owl House is a quirky, inclusive series that follows teenager and oddball Luz Noceda. After a series of reports from her school for disruptive behavior, she is sent away to a summer camp designed to “fix” her behavior. However, after being intercepted and sucked up by a doorway portal, she finds herself in the company of Eda and King.

The series has caused some controversy for its inclusion of a diverse cast, LGBTQAI+ themes, and mental health discussion. The show, which is aired on the Disney Channel and Disney Plus subscription service, stands out among other titles, offering much-needed representation among the network’s other options.

When will The Owl House Season 3 release?

The first episode of The Owl House Season 3 will release on October 15, 2022.

As shared by show creator Dana Terrace on Twitter, the first 44-minute episode will air at 9 PM EDT.

Unfortunately, the new episodes will not be released in the same format as previous seasons, following an announcement last year stating the show has been cut short by Disney. While the creators were given the chance to wrap the story up – instead of sending it to the Disney graveyard of abruptly canceled shows – the conclusion will be spread between 3 “specials” instead of a standard season.

Currently, it isn’t known when the last two special episodes of The Owl House season 3 will be available to watch.

Where to watch The Owl House Season 3

Those wanting to watch the special episode on release day will need to do so via The Disney Channel. The show is also available on Disney Plus, but there currently hasn’t been an announcement regarding when Season 3 will become available.

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Luz, Eda, and King fly through the sky in The Owl House

Additionally, it isn’t known exactly what the focus of The Owl House’s third season will be. It has been confirmed the first special episode will pick up right after the events of the Season 2 finale, hopefully offering viewers answers to several questions that were set in motion near the end of the heart-wrenching season. Further details about the story’s ending have yet to be revealed.

There is still a lot to learn about the conclusion of Luz’s adventure, and this guide will stay up to date with the latest information for episodes, release dates, and watch information.