The Owl House Season 3 Episode 2 trailer teases a return to the Boiling Isles

The Owl House Season 3 Episode 2Disney Channel

The Owl House has received new teasers for Season 3 episode 2 in a trailer video shared by the Disney Channel. The next installment will take Luz back to the Boiling Isles.

The Owl House Season 2 Episode 3 will finally be coming to the Disney Channel, bringing answers to the cliffhanger that aired in October 2022. After being stranded for months in the human realm, Luz and her friends will finally return to the Boiling Isles to save Eda and King. In a new video trailer for Disney Channel’s 2023 lineup, teaser images give some insight into what will come next.

Despite the past seasons of The Owl House containing dozens of episodes, the newest and last seasons are airing differently. Fans will see the conclusion of Luz’s story through three special 44-minute episodes. While this shorter format has impacted the story progression, fans are eager to know how the young hero will conquer the evils lurking in the Boiling Isles.

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In the first episode of Season 3, Luz, Amity, Gus, Willow, and Hunter all live out several months in the human realm after becoming trapped there at the end of Season 2. Desperate to return her friends to their home, Luz spends all her time looking for Titan’s Blood, eventually locating it and opening a portal to the Boiling Isles. However, the episode ends without a look at what has happened while they have been absent.

The Owl House Season 3 Episode 2 teasers air in new trailer

In a new video shared on the Disney Channel YouTube account, viewers can get a sneak peek of what will be coming in 2023. Alongside other animated shows like The Ghost and Molly McGee, The Owl House teases what is next with a series of short video clips.

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Fans can see the cast of The Owl House back in the Boiling Isles, likely right after they step through the portal. Additionally, a clip of Hunter with his new scars and Luz wielding a magical staff also flashes between other TV show previews.

Unfortunately, the teasers did not include Hooty, King, Eda, or Raine, who have all remained missing since the finale of Season 2. However, with the new episode airing on January 21, 2023, fans only have a short while left to wait before they learn what will happen next in The Owl House.