The Owl House Season 3: Episodes 2 & 3 release date and how to watch

A still from The Owl House Season 3Disney Channel

The Owl House Season 3 has officially started with the premiere of “Thanks to Them” on October 15, however, fans will have a few months to wait before the next special episodes air on the Disney Channel.

The Owl House fans were finally able to return to the emotional journey of Luz and her friends after over a year of waiting, following the debut of Season 3. The special-length first episode saw Luz finally returning home to the human world, but with many of her Witch friends in tow. With the portal door destroyed, they must figure out a new way to return to the Boiling Isles.

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While Eda and King are both missing throughout the duration of the episode, viewers have the opportunity to learn more about Luz’s life in the human world, and the struggles she faced before finding herself thrown into the Boiling Isles.

The harrowing episodes have left The Owl House fans on the edge of their seats, and the cliffhanger likely has left most eagerly awaiting the next episode. However, there will be a lengthy pause between the first episode and the following installments.

When will The Owl House Season 3 Episodes 2 & 3 release?

According to Disney Animation Promos on Twitter, the next episode, “For the Future”, will air on January 21, 2023.

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However, there is not currently a date for the final special episode, which will likely air a few months in to 2023. Unfortunately, this final episode will bring The Owl House to a close.

This is due to the fact that the show has been canceled, with the final season airing as three special-length episodes instead of the standard format of the first two seasons. The news has hit fans of the show hard, and The Owl House creators have recently shared how the cancelation has impacted the conclusion of Luz’s story.

There has also been more recent issues with the upcoming episodes, as leaks of Episode 2 have wreaked havoc over the internet.

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Where to watch The Owl House Season 3

The Owl House Season 3 Episode 2 will be available on Disney Plus starting February 8, 2023.

Viewers can watch episodes of The Owl House on The Disney Channel, Disney XD, and Disney Now.

The first episode of the Owl House is currently available on Disney Now and Disney Plus, and fans can also purchase it on Google Play starting at $1.99.