Live-action Eragon TV series reportedly in development for Disney Plus

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The renowned fantasy adventure novel “Eragon” is receiving a live-action television show remake for Disney Plus, according to a report from Variety.

Revealed by an exclusive source from Variety, an Eragon live-action TV series is reportedly in early development for Disney+.

This report also claimed that the executive producer will be Bert Salke under his Co-Lab 21 banner with 20th Television producing.

Unlike the movie from 2006, this new television series will reportedly cover the entire Inheritance Cycle. In essence, the series spans the course of all four books: “Eragon (2002), “Eldest” (2005), “Brisingr” (2008), and “Inheritance” (2011).

Christopher Paolini, the author of the original series, is reportedly co-writing the TV series. It’s difficult to say when the Eragon TV Series may be released given it’s early days yet, but it’s safe to expect at least a few years of waiting.

The show is still in very early development, and according to Variety, they initially believed Paolini would be a co-showrunner. But the entire project itself “is in such early stages that no such decision has been made officially.”

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The new Eragon live-action series will reportedly cover the full Inheritance Cycle.

Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance series became a hit in the early 2000s era. The books were always on display at Barnes and Nobles — each entry characterized by its rather voluminous pages.

The tale began with Eragon’s discovery of a mysterious egg, which then sparked into a fantasy-filled adventure.

Hollywood failed to capture the magic of the series in 2006. The movie received a ton of hype, with rumors floating around that they’d eventually cover the entire series after a successful debut. But the live-action flick simply couldn’t enamor the audience in the same manner as the books.

And now over fifteen years later, Disney+ appears set to take another swing at recapturing the tales of adventure in the form of live-action media.