The Owl House fans claim they “aren’t ready” for Season 3 finale

Laura Gray
The Owl House Luz Amity

The Owl House viewers are preparing for the last episode of the well-loved animated show, and fans are stating they “aren’t ready” for Luz’s story to be over.

For many, the journey through The Owl House storyline has been personal and emotional. With a cast of diverse characters, LGBTQ themes, and unique relationships, viewers can see themselves and their struggles through the careful storytelling of Luz Noceda and her friends.

However, with the finale episode now revealed for April 8, 2023, fans are now preparing to see the conclusion of The Owl House storyline, and say goodbye to the characters they have watched grow over three action-packed seasons. This will be the finale of not only Season 3, but the entire show.

While learning the origins of The Collector, defeating Belos, and seeing if Luz stays in The Boiling Isles are all exciting aspects for viewers, the untimely end of the series due to cancellation has left fans with mixed feelings. Many have taken to social media to share their bittersweet support for The Owl House’s finale.

The Owl House finale confirmation breaks hearts

In a Twitter post by Dana Terrace, the show creator shares art of Eda and Raine alongside the confirmed finale air date. They states, “The final episode of Owl House is finished so I’ll probably be more active on insta for a while. See you April 8th for the finale.”

The drawings are stunning, like similar pieces they have shared throughout the past few months. One imagines Raine as Link from The Legends of Zelda, while the other is a detailed drawing of Eda from when she was younger.

Fans have rushed in to share their anguish, excitement, and upset over the end of The Owl House. One comments, “Crying, I don’t want it to be over :,) Love you tho Dana and thank you for everything >

Shows like The Owl House are particularly special due to the visibility it brings to different groups of fans. With few shows depicting LGBTQ female leads, or discussing the struggles of loss, and self-esteem, it is a rare gem that has resonated with a wide audience of viewers.

Hopefully, Dana’s next project will be just as impactful and offer another way for fans to find themselves in the stories being told in media.