The Night Agent creator teases “new location, new problems” in Season 2

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The Night Agent creator Shawn Ryan has teased “new location, new problems” in Season 2 of the wildly successful political-thriller show on Netflix. 

It didn’t take long for Netflix to confirm another 10-episode season of the action-packed series – in fact, The Night Agent only premiered on March 23, and on March 29 it got the greenlight for a second outing, which probably had something to do with the fact that it debuted to rave reviews and instant viewership, quickly rising the ranks to Netflix’s top 10 chart. 

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One of the aspects of the show that draws viewers in is the fact that it’s a political thriller that’s not overly complex, with Ryan bringing everything that made The Shield such a success to the characters and plot. It already had a solid foundation, as the series is based on the Matthew Quirk novel of the same name. 

Season 1 centres on an FBI agent named Peter Sutherland (Gabriel Basso) who becomes entangled in a dangerous conspiracy while working the night action shift in the White House basement. Although fans might hope the second run to continue the story, Ryan has other ideas. Warning: Spoilers for The Night Agent Ahead…

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The Night Agent Season 2 to focus on “new location, new problems”

There are plenty of ways The Night Agent Season 2 could continue the plot, from the group PIF’s links with the White House, to Peter – who is now a Night Agent – finally finding out the truth about his traitor father.

But rather than carrying the story over to Season 2 and beyond, Ryan told Collider that he “always knew” he wanted each bout to be a “mostly standalone story.” 

“In this case, the center of gravity was Washington D.C. and the White House, and it had this host of characters, but for the most part, we answered most questions and we’ve settled what happened in that,” he said. 

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“Hopefully, that’s a really satisfying journey for the audience. In a Season 2… I think it would be a whole new location with a whole new set of problems, and a small number of characters from Season 1 would be part of that, but mostly new characters would be surrounding them.”

Ryan added: “I wasn’t interested in doing a thing serialized thing and ending on some cliff-hanger in Season 1, relating to everything that was happening in Season 1. I think there’s only so much patience your audience has, for all of that. 

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“So, to be able to say that we’re gonna determine the fates and answer the questions of everything within these 10 episodes gives the show the propulsion that helps make it work, and we would try to bring that to a potential Season 2 as well.”

So while the current narrative is set to change and the second season will be a story in its own right, that’s not to say we won’t be seeing the same characters return – which is good news considering how much of a role The Night Agent’s cast played in its unprecedented success. 

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