The Impossible Heir: Release date, cast & more about the K-drama

Gabriela Silva
Lee Jae-wook and Lee Jun-young in The Impossible Heir K-drama.

Disney+’s The Impossible Heir takes on a riveting story of three individuals fighting to reach the top of the social ladder – here’s everything to know about the K-drama.

There are plenty of K-dramas in 2024 that fans have kept their eye on, but none like The Impossible Heir. It was originally titled Royal Loader, the K-drama was originally announced in October of 2022. At the time, details were far and few except for its price tag.

A 20 billion won investment is roughly $14 million, a price no K-drama has ever achieved in production. The Impossible Heir promises a thrilling dynamic between the rich and poor as the lead characters fight to have what they deserve.

Here’s everything to know about the K-drama from its cast to its storyline.

The Impossible Heir: What’s the K-drama about?

A man who grew up in poverty learns the truth about his father and joins the world of rich to only be ostracized and develops a plan to take over.

Kang In-ha was raised by his single mother and grew up poor. He soon learns the truth that his father is the CEO of a conglomerate company, Kang Oh Group. He leaves his life behind to become a chaebol heir. But being an illegitimate son, his newfound family wants nothing to do with him and refuses to aid him.

Angered by what they’ve done, In-ha asks his childhood friend for help. Han Tae-oh is surrounded by the rumors that his father murdered his mother. Coming from a troubled past, Tae-oh willingly helps his friend in his plan.

Together they want to take over the company and reach the top. Their plan also includes Na Hye-won, the daughter of a debt collector. Ambitious in her own pursuits to rid herself of her past, she wants a future with In-ha, creating a complex love triangle.

Will they succeed? Or are the inner workings of the elite too much for them to handle?

The Impossible Heir: Who’s in the K-drama?

Badland Hunters and Let Me Be Your Knight actor Lee Jun-young will lead The Impossible Heir as In-ha. See the cast list below:

  • Lee Jun-young as Kang In-ha
  • Lee Jae-wook as Han Tae-oh
  • Hong Su-zu as Na Hye-won

For now, the cast list is short with more actors likely to be announced. Actor Lee Jun-young got his start as a K-pop idol. He’s appeared in dramas like Please Don’t Hate Me, and May I Help You, and appeared in D.P. Season 1 and Season 2. He’s also scheduled to star in Weak Hero Class 2.

Lee Jae-wook is a fan favorite having had breakthrough roles in Memories of Alhambra, Search: WWW, and Extraordinary You. He gained notoriety starring in Netflix and tvN’s hit fantasy romance Alchemy of Souls and Season 2.

Hong Su-zu is a rising actor who some fans will remember for her role as Jin-a in Sweet Home Season 2.

The Impossible Heir: When is the release date?

The K-drama aired on February 28, 2024, on Disney+.

The Impossible Heir releases two episodes weekly every Wednesday since its premiere date. It’s scheduled to release a total of eight episodes, with the final two to be released on April 2, 2024.

The Impossible Heir: Is there a trailer?

Disney+ released the first official trailer for the K-drama. Check out the trailer below:

The Impossible Heir is available to stream on Disnye+, and you can learn what happened in the Chicken Nugget K-drama, and a theory about Queen of Tears.