The Impossible Heir cast open up about K-drama’s love triangle

Gabriela Silva
Hong Su-zu in The Impossible Heirs as Hye-won.

The Impossible Heir has a love triangle that’s gotten fans invested in the outcome – and actors Lee Jae-wook, Lee Jun-young, and Hong Su-zu are now revealing their thoughts on the popular K-Drama.

Although the K-drama has only released a few episodes to start, an enticing love triangle has already taken place in the show. Han Tae-oh is marked as the son of a murderer and meets Kang In-ha, the illegitimate son of a CEO. They soon embark on a friendship and partnership to change the outcome of their lives by taking over the company.

Along the way, they meet Na Hye-won, a young woman who is overshadowed by her mother’s debt and upbringing. While The Impossible Heir’s interwoven storyline of the elite social class caught everyone’s attention, now fans are hooked on its complex love triangle.

Hye-won joins the others in their battle to reach the top of the social ladder, even if it means putting their true feelings aside. The cast of The Impossible Heir gave Dexerto an exclusive about the storyline.

A K-drama love triangle about hidden emotions and power

Actors Lee Jae-wook, Lee Jun-young, and Hong Su-zu explore each of their characters’ place within the live triangle in The Impossible Heir out of necessity and friendship.

Lee Jun-young and Hong Su-zu in The Impossible Heir.

There’s a timeskip in the first two episodes of the K-drama. Tae-oh is now in college and is still friends with In-ha, but college student Hye-won soon catches Tae-oh’s eye – even more so, since she’s his neighbor. Both characters come from a difficult background, with Hye-won constantly belittled by her mother and now forced to deal with her debt.

In an interview with Dexerto, Hong explained her character’s stake in the storyline. “My character has grown up with a dark past and a dark environment,” she said. “However, despite her upbringing, she’s very proud. She is a woman of her own, and she’s very active and proactive.”

Her proactive nature comes into play when In-ha also shows his interest in her. As the K-drama progresses, Hye-won reveals to Tae-oh that she, too, has plans to leave her life behind. The only way to get there is by playing the field and joining Tae-oh and In-ha on their journey to the top. But to do so, Hye-won must stick to In-ha.

Fans are glued to The Impossible Heir, as In-ha is the one to start a relationship with Hye-won. It’s clear that Hye-won truly has feelings for Tae-oh instead. Tae-oh soon realizes that they must both put aside their emotions for each other for the greater good – for now.

Hye-won’s ambitions fall in line with Tae-oh’s relationship with In-ha. Actor Lee expressed, “My character Tae-oh is someone who, through all his life, has lived under the title of being the son of a murderer. But he comes across and meets In-ha, and thanks to their coming together, claws his way up to the top.”

For Tae-oh, his love for In-ha and his plan caused Hye-won’s relationship to blossom. For In-ha, actor Lee explained, “My character In-ha is the illegitimate son of a chaebol family, so he always feels deficient when it comes to affection and love. That is why I think he loves these two characters so much. To achieve all of their dreams and desires, they go forward together, as if they are each other’s key to achieving what they want.”

The Impossible Heir has a love triangle that fans are eager to see play out. Each character relies on the other to change the course of their lives, even if it means playing the field of love.

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