Wedding Impossible: Is the K-drama worth watching?

Gabriela Silva
Jeon Jong-seo, Moon Sang-min, Kim Do-wan in Wedding Impossible.

A new month means new K-drama to watch, with fans clinging to every episode of the newly released romance Wedding Impossible – but is it really worth watching?

The K-drama is a welcome treat for fans in love with the romance genre and needing all the necessary drama tropes. Get ready for a love triangle like no other starring Money Heist: Korea star Jun Jong-seo, All of US Are Dead star Moon Sang-min and Kim Do-wan.

Wedding Impossible takes on illegitimate chaebol heirs, company politics, arranged marriage, and unsuspecting love. Na A-jeong (Jun) is a successful supporting actor, but can’t break free into a leading role. She happens to be friends with Lee Do-han (Kim), not knowing his the illegitimate heir to a rich family.

He soon is in dire need of her help when he’s next in line to become CEO, but there’s a problem. He’s gay, and no one knows except A-jeong. Fearing the backlash over his sexuality, he begs A-jeong to get married to keep it a secret and escape his heir duties. Unsuspecting love blossoms when Do-han’s brother Lee Ji-han (Moon) vows to stop the marriage – even if it means falling in love.

Is Wedding Impossible worth watching?

Long story short, yes! Wedding Impossible has already cemented itself as a palpable, engrossing, and unique romance storyline full of well-loved tropes that add necessary drama to the love triangle.

Having started airing two weekly episodes in February, Wedding Impossible has garnered praise for a reason. Its love story angle has not been seen before in a K-drama. Most love triangle stories involve male rivals or two best friends vying after the same girl. But Wedding Impossible takes it to a place no K-drama has gone.

With Do-han being gay in the story, there’s no growing feeling between him and A-jeong. Instead, there’s a level of heartwarming loyalty to each other and A-jeong to ensure her best friend stays happy. The K-drama has an interesting dynamic because of the LGBTQ character. Due to his trepidation to keep his real life a secret amid the turmoil of being the next company heir.

The real nugget of gold in Wedding Impossible is between A-jeong and Ji-han. Ji-han has devoted himself to having his brother rise to the top, completely unaware of who his brother really is. Especially, why he’s decided to marry A-jeong. To stop the marriage, he does the unthinkable.

He vows to make A-jeong fall in love with him, even if it means he may fall in love as well. It sets a soon-to-be dramatic turn of events when he learns of his brother’s sexuality, and that A-jeong’s growing feelings are genuine. You also can’t help but swoon over the two actors’ height differences.

Let’s not forget the K-drama adds in the beloved tropes. From an overbearing elite family, one’s journey to find oneself, a dark past with an ex, to childhood trauma. Wedding Impossible ticks off all the things fans love, but also something more.

Actor Moon and Na are a perfect on-screen pairing that bounces charisma off each other during the K-drama’s comical and intense scenes. Actor Kim also embodies his character’s complex facade that will evolve into drama and hopefully self-acceptance.

Wedding Impossible is available to stream on Viki and airs every Monday and Tuesday.