The Flash reportedly has DC’s highest test screening scores since Nolan’s Batman

Josh Tyler
Ezra Miller returns as the Flash

Even though its star is currently facing legal troubles, indications are that The Flash is doing well in test screenings.

Amongst all the turmoil at DC – with Batgirl being canceled and two big-time DCEU sequels getting release dates pushed back – spectators have been extremely curious about the fate of the first solo project for the Flash (Ezra Miller).

While there were rumblings that the studio was considering shelving the project, ultimately it appears that the project is going forward and the movie’s star is seeking help for mental health issues.

Even though Miller is facing serious accusations of assault, burglary, disorderly conduct, and harassment that resulted in charges being filed against them in multiple states, it was puzzling that The Flash remained on such steady ground while other projects were getting axed.

Apparently, the studio had good reason to want to release the movie despite the controversy.

The Flash is testing better than all other recent DC films

The Flash is reportedly doing incredibly at test screenings.
The Flash is reportedly doing incredibly at test screenings.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed some information regarding The Flash, particularly Miller’s current mental state and plan moving forward.

Among their revelations, perhaps the most surprising was not that Miller was “spooked by the notion of the film getting canceled and jolted to take action.”

But rather, shockingly, test screenings of The Flash have been going better than all of the previous DCEU films. As the Hollywood Reporter put it, “the movie was receiving some of the highest scores at test screenings since Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies and execs and creatives believe they have the goods to have a critical and box office hit that lives up to those scores.”

Being compared to Christopher Nolan’s iconic Batman trilogy is high praise enough for any superhero movie, but this also indicates that The Flash is outperforming positively-received DC films like Wonder Woman, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and The Batman in test screenings.

If these reports about test screenings are true, DC could very well have a hit on its hands that could reinvigorate the franchise.

Unfortunately, the biggest question will be whether the movie has an audience given the controversy surrounding its star.