The Flash crew argue everyone will “forget” Ezra Miller’s history upon film’s release

The Flash Ezra MillerWarner Bros.

While many are concerned about the success of the upcoming Flash film due to star Ezra Miller’s past few years of controversy, the minds behind the film are confident their performance will silence the naysayers.

While The Flash movie was hampered by several issues in its decades-long development, Miller’s behavior in 2022 led to Warner Bros weighing up the possibility of canceling it altogether.

The actor’s scandals date back to 2020, when footage emerged of them choking a fan outside a bar in Reykjavik, Iceland, before seemingly slamming them into the ground. Other allegations followed, with Miller accused of abuse, assault, harassment, burglary, and even grooming minors.

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The Flash Ezra MillerWarner Bros.
The Flash is the next big film to release for DC.

However, DC seems confident in Miller and have decided to move ahead with the film and keep them as The Flash. Early reviews and screenings from CinemaCon have reinvigorated excitement, with Dexerto reporting how those who have already seen the movie are calling it “one of the best superhero films ever made.”

The Flash creators confident in Ezra Miller’s performance as Barry Allen

Despite this, many are still worried about Ezra’s involvement in the project and the role they will play in the DCEU moving forward. 

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Oscar-winning production designer Paul Austerberry, who worked on The Flash film, is confident that viewers will not be worried about Miller’s past after seeing the film finally release in theatres.

“People will forget that,” he said in an interview on CBC. Before going on to add that Miller did a fantastic job of bringing the character to life as well as playing two different versions of Barry Allen.

Austerberry then explained how this narrative point required Miller to shoot the movie in “two different chunks” and that they were then tasked with “switching roles every few days.”

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