The Boys Season 4 leaks tease dark twist in Billy Butcher’s story

Gabriela Silva
Karl Urban as Billy Butcher in The Boys Season 3

If you thought things couldn’t get worse for Billy Butcher going into The Boys Season 4, think again as leaked teasers reveal a dark storyline for the character. Spoilers ahead!

Butcher has had it pretty rough throughout The Boys from his son being Homelanders and dealing with Vaught. During the Season 3 finale, you learn that he has months to live due to the effects of temp-V, but it doesn’t faze him.

Instead, he goes on and sets his sights on eradicating Victoria Neuman as she announced her Vice President candidacy. With The Boys Season 4 set to release June 13, 2024, Butcher’s story will worsen. A well-known Instagram user who has leaked reliable content before has released Butcher’s storyline for Season 4.

Posted on Reddit, Voughthq’s Instagram revealed Butcher will begin to hallucinate characters like Becca. That’s not all as it will also be revealed that he cheated on her when they were together. Other details include him making cookies for Ryan.

But the real nuggets of gold according to the leaked teaser is Butcher having a special supe virus that can kill them. Details also include him having a black mass in his brain that gives him six months to live. This black mass might or might not be a side effect of temp-V. One leaked detail that will be interesting to see unfold is Butcher having a superpower controlled by someone else.

Don’t worry, Season 4 will have Butcher kill at least two people, one of them being a main character. The most heartbreaking storyline detail of all involves Ryan. Per the information, Butcher will tell Ryan the truth about Homelander.

Up until the finale of Season 4, Ryan has become attached to Homelander, his father, and has begun to throw away the values his mother taught him. But he has no idea about the truth. Butcher will likely tell Ryan how Homelander sexually assaulted his mother, which led to her pregnancy with Ryan.

The Boys Season 4 is set to release on Amazon Prime and takes place after the events of Gen V, and you can watch other worthy series available to stream.

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