Eric Kripke confirms who The Boys Season 4 butthole belongs to

Kayla Harrington
Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys

The Boys creator Eric Kripke has finally revealed the identity behind the infamous butthole photo shown in the first episode of Season 4.

The Boys Season 4 only has three episodes under its belt, but the show has already delivered some outrageous moments — from its Twilight montage to the Human Centipede tribute.

However, one of the grossest moments centered on Victoria Neuman receiving a butthole photo from Billy Butcher. While many viewers believed it belonged to Butcher actor Karl Urban, Kripke has finally revealed the real identity behind the shocking picture.

“Because hundreds of you asked: the butthole from #TheBoys Season 4, Ep 1 is NOT Butcher’s (or Karl’s),” Kripke wrote on X/Twitter. “We hired a model (I don’t know his name). I chose the pic, based on about 20 different butthole shots. Yep, Hollywood is a glamorous dream factory.”

While the butthole picture was a shocking in-universe moment for Victoria, it turns out her reaction came from a real place. The showrunner explained that they showed star Claudia Doumit the actual photo while filming.

“When Claudia was shooting it, for all the wide angles, it’s a blue screen. You can’t see what’s on the phone, so she’s reacting to a blue screen,” Kripke told Collider. “And then, when we moved in for closeup method acting style, we put the real butt on the phone, so her reaction is her real reaction to seeing that butt. I don’t know if we should feel good about that or horrible, but that’s how we got a real reaction from Claudia.”

Butcher’s stunt may have been incredibly crude and gross even for him, but the ex-leader of The Boys actually had good intentions when sending it to Victoria.

Throughout Season 4 Episode 1, Victoria kept reaching out to Butcher in order to form an alliance as she needed his help to compile all the files Hughie was using to blackmail her.

In exchange for his help, Victoria promised to get Ryan away from Homelander so Butcher could save him and fulfill his promise to his late wife Becca.

But, even though he’s currently on the outs with The Boys, Butcher proved his loyalty to the team and bared his chocolate starfish to keep them safe.

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