The Boys fans ‘leak’ huge Season 4 twist with Butcher

Christopher Baggett
Butcher and Ryan in The Boys Season 3.

We’re more than halfway through Season 4 of The Boys, but a potential massive spoiler has already dropped, teasing the season finale.

A major plot element of The Boys Season 4 is Billy Butcher’s ultimate fate. After spending Season 3 dosing himself with Temp-V, Butcher is dying of a massive brain tumor.

Butcher seems more concerned with saving Ryan than he is with saving himself, but he got a first-hand look at what may be happening to his body in Episode 5, in the form of a dying, V-infused rabbit with massive tentacles erupting from its body.

Now, a leak shared to the The Boys subreddit may confirm Butcher’s ultimate fate, and it could be one of The Boys’ most shocking moments. Warning, potential spoilers for The Boys Season 4 follow.

According to the OP, the image was shared with them via Discord. The spoiler reportedly comes from an unnamed website that accidentally uploaded a shot from The Boys Season 4 finale. It depicts Butcher with similar tentacles bursting from his chest.

One fan thought they recognized the moment from earlier leaks, saying, “By the looks of it from VoughtHQ leaks, this could very well be the moment that Butcher kills Neuman. Hughie doesn’t look too pleased, like he’s trying to get Butcher to back down. I think at this point, they might already know about the tumour powers.”

Fans on the subreddit are seemingly taken aback by just how strong this implies Butcher could be, with one saying, “I wonder if the final villain is gonna be whatever takes control of Butcher or leaves his body for another host?”

“Looks more lethal than his Temp-V lasers, in my opinion.” another added. “But still, not that OP if he doesn’t have super strength himself or at least super durability. What stops Homelander from lasering his head if he isn’t super durable?”

There have previously been hints that this could be Butcher’s ultimate fate. Episode four of the animated anthology series The Boys Presents Diabolical! focused on Sun-Hee, an elderly woman dying of cancer who is given Compound V by her husband.

Compound V evolves Sun-Hee’s cancer into a terrifying, tentacled beast that breaks out of Sun-Hee’s body. With Butcher having already admitted to trying to cure the cancer with additional Temp-V, it seems likely this is all setting up for Butcher to suffer a horrifying fate… or, perhaps, a new superpower.

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