The Boys finale hints Stormfront killed Epstein in bizarre twist

Luke Edwards
Stormfront from the Boys on Amazon

After all the speculation, maybe Jeffrey Epstein really didn’t kill himself. A clip from the series two finale of Amazon Prime’s The Boys suggests that supe Stormfront was actually the one to bring him down.

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Epstein was a real-life businessman known for his connections to powerful people. After being convicted of human trafficking last year, Epstein suspiciously committed suicide in jail – shortly before he was due to testify in court.

Some people believe prison guards murdered Epstein to stop his associates’ darkest secrets being revealed.

Bloodied Stormfront in Amazon's The Boys
Stormfront was left battered after an intense season finale.

Given the Amazon show‘s track record of parodying real-life events, it’s not exactly surprising they published their take on Epstein’s untimely demise.

In the latest episode, after Stormfront’s true Nazi identity was made public, we saw a piece of news channel ticker tape which said: “NYPD: Credible lead ties Stormfront to Jeffrey Epstein death.”

Why would Stormfront kill Epstein?

We don’t think this is a serious political commentary from the showrunners. It’s more likely they’re making light of the use of memes in swaying public opinion – a tactic used by Stormfront herself to boost Homelander’s reputation.

Why Stormfront was sent to kill Epstein is unknown. However, we know from the first episode that, despite their squeaky-clean public images, supes can get up to some pretty weird stuff behind closed doors. Could she have killed him to keep their dignity unharmed?

Or maybe the in-universe Epstein had evidence of her true identity. She’s a friend of Goebbels and Frederick Vought’s wife, after all, so maybe Epstein wanted to trade that information to the feds for a sweeter sentence.

Either way, it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing Stormfront pulling off more covert operations anytime soon after Homelander’s son fried her to an Anakin Skywalker-style crisp in the season finale. This probably means politician Victoria Neuman will take over as the main antagonist to the Boys when it eventually returns.