Dexter showrunner reveals Showtime revival details: setting, cast, canon

Michael Gwilliam
Dexter stares at blood slide trophy

Dexter showrunner Clyde Phillips has revealed a ton of new information about the limited series revival announced at Showtime starring Michael C. Hall.

The premium cable channel’s serial killer series first began in 2006 and lasted eight seasons, with its then-finale airing in 2013. While the show was a hit for the network, its finale left many fans disappointed.

Now, according to Phillips, this ten-episode limited series will provide an opportunity to present a second finale to the show.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Phillips said that the team doesn’t want the project to be “Dexter season 9,” but rather something different than what fans are used to.

Dexter season 8 finale
Season 8 still happened, for better or for worse.

The original finale is still canon

When asked if the Dexter revival will be undoing the previous finale in Season 8, Philips was clear that they wouldn’t be “undoing anything.”

“We’re ten years later,” he said, explaining that the show will pick up with some significant passage of time. “We’re not going to betray the audience and say ‘that was all a dream,’ or whatever it is. What happened in the first eight years happened in the first eight years.”

Thus, the end of season 8 with Debra dying and Dexter leaving Miami to work for a lumber company is still canon.

Debra Morgan from Dexter
Debra Morgan may be returning from the dead.

Debra Morgan may be brought back

Even though certain fan-favorite characters such as Debra Morgan – played by Jennifer Carpenter – may be dead on the show, that doesn’t mean they won’t return.

“There is some flexibility to do some movie magic,” Phillips explained before being asked specifically about Debra. “My answer to that is I can’t answer that.”

One possibility that would fit the Dexter universe is to have Debra return as a guiding ghost or spirit, just as Dexter’s father and brother had.

Dexter in shipping container with blood
Dexter will have a major setting change.

The show won’t return to Miami

When asked about where the writers wanted to be situating Dexter geographically, Phillips simply revealed that Miami was off the table.

“I need to be a little coy, but I will say that it won’t be Miami,” he revealed.

There are a couple of possibilities with the first being Oregon, where season 8 ended, and the other being Argentina, where Dexter’s former lover Hannah and son ran off in the original finale.

Dexter looks through his knives
Dexter’s Dark Passenger still remains.

Dexter will look and feel “different”

When pressed by THR about the character of Dexter and his evolution, Phillips explained that even though time has passed, it doesn’t mean his “dark passenger” isn’t still present within him.

“It’s what he does with it now that will be the gist of what we’re going to do with this last season.”

He also further stated that Showtime was firm about this revival being a limited series, so don’t expect to see any additional seasons after this one.

We can’t wait to see just what is in store once Dexter makes a return to TV.