Sweet Home Season 2 ending explained: Who died & who was reborn?

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Lee Si-young as Seo Yi-kyung in Sweet Home Season 2.

Sweet Home Season 2 took viewers on an emotional rollercoaster filled with tears, blood, and shocking moments. The conclusion of this K-drama left the door ajar for monster evolution and witnessed the demise of a few characters.

Kicking off where Season 1 left off, Sweet Home Season 2 continues the journey of the Green Home survivors in a world of monsters. As Hyun-soo becomes the bridge between monsters and humanity, the remaining characters soon learn that the monsters are evolving.

The heinous monsters fans met in the first season of the K-drama take on a new storyline with the added inclusion of possible cures, new breeds, or a new world order. Sweet Home Season 2‘s ending is one for the books as it leaves more questions than answers.

Hyun-soo is only part of the bigger narrative that unfolds. Here’s a breakdown of what happened, tragic deaths, and a few surprises. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Cha Hyun-soo is forced to make a choice

Sweet Home Season 2 Episode 8 opens with the soldiers still exploring the abandoned lab after taking Dr. Lim there to retrieve some items. Meanwhile, back at the hideout, In-hwan realizes the person who cut the power supply was Ye-seul after finding her ring. While confronting Chief Ji, she hides the fact that she told Ye-seul to do it. Chief Ji has heinous motives when she coerces Seung-wan to help her.

She knows he’s showing signs of tuning. Tricking him, she entraps him in a basement room no one knows about. Back at the lab, two soldiers discover turning humans in a floor beneath. While burning some who try to hurt them, they meet a well-dressed man who offers them safety. The man instead traps them in one of the labs.

Dr. Lim is in the room where they found monster-like cacoons and is in utter fascination with them. Two other soldiers find a young girl while searching a lab. Sweet Home Season 2 then cuts back to Hyun-soo as he goes to Eun-yoo and Chan-young for help in saving Yi-kyung.

She’s severely burned and inhaled too much smoke from the boat fire. With no supplies, there’s not much they can do. Hyun-soo and Eun-yoo have a heartfelt conversation where she tells him how some of the others died. They also talk about Eun-yoo’s brother and how he stayed behind because he was turning.

Hyun-soo leaves and is stopped by Chan-young. He admits the person Eun-yoo was looking for isn’t him and ventures off to find Ah-yi. In the garden, Ah-yi shows no remorse for her mother. Hyun-soo tries to reason with her knowing what it’s like to lose a mother and father.

Ah-yi agrees and tells Hyun-soo not to let her die. As Yi-kyung says she’s sorry to her daughter, Ah-yi grabs her hand as she dies. But it’s not out of love. Hyun-soo and Eun-yoo mourn her death until she convulses and her left side turns black. Ah-yi has turned her into a monster. A battle between Hyun-soo and Yi-kyung unfolds.

Due to Hyun-soo’s powers, he’s able to see her inner dreams, moments, and desires. He sees how she struggled to be a mother and fight the urge to kill her daughter. Realizing she’s in agony and her dreams are pain, he has no choice and kills her.

Sweet Home Season 2 ending brings back old characters

The ending to Sweet Home Season 2 reveals the monster cacoons at Green Home and the lab are monsters who never fully turned – with Lee Eun-hyuk being reborn.

Things take a dire turn when the remaining soldiers have the young woman lead them to other people and find a missing soldier in distress. Young-hoo tells the girl to lead him to others. The missing soldier warns Seok-chan that “they” will not let them go. Young-hoo meets the same man who trapped the other soldiers in the lab. The man soon reveals he has isolated normal humans to allow them to turn.

The soldiers learned the young girl, man and everyone else were test subjects in the lab. Meanwhile, Dr. Lim is approached by a hooded figure and follows him. Back with Eun-yoo, she goes to check on Hyun-soo to only learn he’s awake but not himself. His blue eyes indicate his monster persona has taken over and has no intention of letting Hyun-soo back in control.

Dr. Lim follows the man to MH-1’s testing room. The hooded man then says Dr. Lim should say hi and reveals Sang-won within a vat of liquid. As fans may have realized, Sang-won was Yi-kyung’s fiancé and the hooded man is Ui-myeong. But it’s revealed Ui-myong has been Sang-won all along and was the first test subject.

As the K-drama ends, the scene shifts back to Green Home to a cacoon. Eun-hyuk hatches and walks among the monsters – but he’s not himself. During Episode 2, Eun-yoo and the others returned to Green Home to find Eun-hyuk. One of the cacoons hatched and Ms. Im appeared. They recall that Ms. Im had turned into a monster before her death trying to protect the children. The Sweet Home Season 2 finale leaves a cliffhanger unclear of how and why they have returned.

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