Sweet Home Season 2: Who or what is Yi-kyung’s daughter?

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Kim Shi-ah in Sweet Home Season 2 Epiosde 7.

In Sweet Home Season 2 on Netflix, Yi-kyung’s narrative takes a dynamic and intricate turn as it incorporates the birth of her daughter, Ah-yi.

Fans may remember that in the first season, Yi-kyung was a firefighter whose fiancé was a scientist. While the monster apocalypse occurs, she appears to have another motive. It’s soon revealed that her fiancé has something to do with the viral outbreak. It’s also revealed that she’s pregnant in the K-drama.

When the survivors are taken in by the military, she’s warned her work is far from over and rejoins the soldiers. Sweet Home Season 2 gives Yi-kyung’s continuing storyline a jaw-dropping inclusion that will change everyone’s fate going into Sweet Home Season 2.

Yi-kyung’s daughter will either be salvation or pure destruction. Let’s dive into it! Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Sweet Home Season 2 has Yi-kyung’s daughter be a new breed of monster

It’s unclear what Yi-kyung’s daughter is as she’s likely the first-ever born monster from a human. Her distaste for humanity and inexplicable abilities make her a dire threat.

Lee Si-young as Yi-kyung in Sweet Home Season 2

Fans will be left in shock when Yi-kyung is in the lab on the hunt to look for her fiancé who she still believes is alive. Dr. Lim’s story reveals he is but a broken down, unresponsive, skeleton version whose been experimented on. There’s something different about him that’s left unexplained.

As Yi-kyung finds him, she breaks down and begins to feel extreme pain. Taking off her protective gear, her stomach begins to grow at an alarming rate and sees the baby trying to break free. As the stadium is bombed, she heads to the frozen lake and tries to push.

But the lake cracks plunging her underwater. Unconscious, the baby births itself and while still tied to the umbilical cord, swims to the surface with Yi-kyung in tow. Yi-kyung wakes up to find an infant-like baby covered in sludge and char chewing on the cord.

A year passes in Sweet Home Season 2 and Yi-kyung has tried to keep her daughter, Ah-yi, a secret. But Ah-yi shows signs of being vastly different from other monsters. She was born looking human, but one touch from her caused her to see other’s inner dreams and desires. At the same time, she infects the people she touches to become monsters – but Ah-yi can also control and speak to them.

In Episode 6, a flashback shows her with a younger Ah-yi. They are ambushed by other survivors with Ah-yi trying to turn away, who is struck by arrows. Instead of dying, the black sludge appears to heal her. In a shocking twist, the child version of Ah-yi transforms into a teen. Her powers also emerge when she touches one of the men and her eyes go white. In the following episode, it is revealed that Hyun-soo raised her until Yi-kyung arrived. But Ah-yi didn’t show signs of growing as a normal human.

What is Ah-yi?

Ah-yi is a first of her kind. But Sweet Home Season 2 doesn’t explore why she was born the way she was.

Hyun-soo, Ah-yi, and Yi-kyung in Sweet Home Season 2 Episode 7

It’s unclear as to why Ah-yi has her powers and is a special monster. But unlike Hyun-soo and Ui-myeong, Ah-yi was born that way. The monsters in Sweet Home are all humans and turn into monsters when their inner desires take over. Hyun-soo can switch between them because he retains his humanity and is fighting the turn.

All fans are aware of for now is that the answer lies within Nam Sang-won, Yi-kyung’s fiancé. Seeing as she was pregnant before the outbreak, and he was kept as an experiment and the first test subject, something within Sang-won caused or is the answer to the outbreak.

In Sweet Home Season 2, Yi-kyung tearfully laments to Hyun-soo that she believes her inner desires forced her child to be born a monster. Is it true? There’s a possibility that the birth accelerated when she found Sang-won in the lab. The logistics of monsters is still a grey area in the K-drama. The characters are aware of the signs, but unclear why there are special breeds like Hyun-soo and Ah-yi. Sweet Home Season 2 also hinted that the monsters are evolving. Ah-yi could spell trouble as she has no regard for humans or humanity and finds comfort in monsters.

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