Sweet Home Season 2: What happened to Cha Hyun-soo?

Gabriela Silva
Song Kang as Cha Hyun-su.

Sweet Home Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix, featuring Cha Hyun-soo (Song Kang) continuing his struggle against his inner monster. The question remains: does he successfully retain his humanity by the season’s end?

During the Season 1 finale, Hyun-soo was kidnapped by Ui-myeong as he was taken by the military. Going into Season 2, it becomes clear that Hyun-soo has a motive to try and help the world understand monsters or find a cure.

As said in Dexerto’s review, Hyun-soo becomes the bridge between humanity and monsters. As the K-drama progresses the world and the monsters begin to change and evolve. Is the world black and white when it comes to evil?

With Hyun-soo one of the few able to reign in his monstrous side and keep his humanity, his role in the series is of dire importance. Let’s dive into what happens to the beloved and possible savior. Warning- spoilers ahead!

Hyun-soo gets a scary cliffhanger in Sweet Home Season 2

During a battle with Ui-myeong, fans are left with a cliffhanger that Hyun-soo could possibly be dead or horribly injured.

Song Kang and Lee Jin-wook in Sweet Home Season 2

After being taken by the military, Hyun-soo manages to thwart Ui-myeong’s plan only briefly. While listening to his plans to bring together specially infected like themselves, Hyun-soo realizes their different ideals. Amid their journey, Ui-myeong is wounded and taken in by the military with Hyun-soo. But Hyun-soo has an agenda to help find a cure if possible.

He soon meets Dr. Lim, a scientist experimenting on monsters on behalf of his own curiosity and the government. Put through a test, there’s something within Hyun-soo that’s special when a bloodthirsty monster recoils against him and shows human emotion.

But things begin to go wrong within the safe zone. The governments turning against the military and the survivors. Amid the turmoil, Ui-myeong is alive and goes after everyone there setting free some of the monsters. Not wanting anyone to die, Hyun-soo breaks free from his cell to fight him off.

As he’s ready will the final blow, Ui-myeong stabs him underneath Hyun-soo’s “wing.” The toxic sludge begins to decay Hyun-soo’s wing and turn it into ashen stone. It soon spreads all over Hyun-soo. As Ui-myeong says his parting words, Hyun-soo is left in the doorway unmoving. The door begins to shut on top of him, crushing him before the scene cuts to Yi-kyung.

Is Hyun-soo alive?

Yes, Hyun-soo is later proven to be alive in Sweet Home Season 2 but how or why remains unknown after his battle with Ui-myeong.

Sweet Home Season 2 shifts focus on the other characters after the government bomb the stadium hoping to kill as many humans as possible. They now took refuge underground. For a while, what happened to Hyun-soo is unclear until focusing on Eun-yoo. She’s a nomad and one day explores outside and finds herself under attack by monsters in a factory.

In a sudden moment, they are gone and she sees a flash of someone leaving with a distinguishable wing. Is it Hyun-soo? In Sweet Home Season 2 Episode 6, Eun-yoo faces Ah-yi, Yi-kyung’s daughter. Showing her distaste for humans, she pushes Eun-yoo down a hole.

But Hyun-soo appears to save her. It’s revealed that Hyun-soo did survive after Ui-myeong attacked him. How? He never explains and appears wounded when he finds Yi-kyung and the monster baby she had given birth to.

Having abandoned her daughter, Hyun-soo takes her in and raises her. Over the year, he took care of Ah-yi until her mother returned ready to try and care for her. The two protected Ah-yi as much as they could – keeping an eye on her unique birth. For the rest of the K-drama Hyun-soo tries to be the voice of reason for Ah-yi as she dislikes humanity and hates her mother.

When Ah-yi sets fire to the boat, Hyun-soo goes to rescue her and takes her to Eun-yoo and the others for help. With no resources, she will die regardless. When Ah-yi arrives to say her goodbyes, she purposely infects her mother.

Yi-kyung turns into a pure monster. Hyun-soo realizes through her dreams that she has always been in agony. Because of this, she will not be able to control the monster. With no other choice, Hyun-soo is forced to kill her. It leaves him exhausted and left to rest.

But when Eun-yoo goes to check on him, it’s not Hyun-soo. His eyes are blue – indicating his monstrous side is in control. He’s taken over to let Hyun-soo rest after the death of Yi-kyung. Sweet Home Season 2 leaves Hyun-soo’s story wide open as the monster is now in the spotlight and unpredictable.

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