Will Song Kang return for Sweet Home Season 3 amid his military service?

Gabriela Silva
Song Kang for Sweet Home Season 2 K-drama

The ‘Son of Netflix’ Song Kang makes his long-awaited return for Sweet Home Season 2 – but fans are left with heavy hearts as the actor will enlist in the military before Season 3.

Over the years, many popular K-pop idols and actors have done their due diligence and enlisted for mandatory military service in South Korea. Song Kang will be one of them as he was reaching the age limit for enlistment. A majority of actors and celebrities fulfill their required two years.

Before Song Kang puts on the uniform, fans will get to see the actor for some time on the small screen. Not only is he starring in Netflix’s My Demon, but he will also return as Cha Hyun-soo in Sweet Home Season 2.

With the news that the actor will be gone from the K-drama spotlight for two years, will he return for Sweet Home Season 3 as it was greenlit by Netflix?

Will Song Kang star in Sweet Home Season 3?

Yes. During Netflix’s announcement that Sweet Home Season 2 and Season 3 are going ahead, Song Kang was also announced to reprise his role as Hyun-soo for both seasons.

The actor revealed during Sweet Home Season 2’s press conference that the upcoming season will be his last project before his military enlistment.

According to Filmfare, Kang explained, “It is my natural duty, so once I finish up promotion schedules for Sweet Home 2, I will fulfill my [mandatory] duties and return in good health.”

While fans will miss Kang, it doesn’t mean he will be absent from the small screen. Sweet Home Season 2 is the last K-drama he will be able to promote in person. Meanwhile, Sweet Home Season 3 has already been filmed with the actor. In 2022, according to Soompi, it was confirmed that the cast would film both seasons back to back.

Fans won’t have to wait long to see Kang again. According to fans on X/Twitter, Netflix’s updated page for Sweet Home revealed Season 3 is expected to premiere in Summer 2024.

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