House of the Dragon fans think they know exactly how Season 2 will end

Jasmine Valentine
Rhaenys in House of the Dragon Season 2

Season 2 hasn’t even started airing yet, but House of the Dragon fans think they’ve worked out exactly how the next series will end.

It’s undeniable that House of the Dragon Season 2 is the must-see TV event of the month, with new episodes landing on HBO from June 16.

With fans eager to find out what happens, huge spoilers have been leaked in recent weeks — including one shocking reveal for Blood and Cheese. But it’s the original books that have led some to work out exactly what plots will make up the Season 2 finale.

“So… Season 2 is ending at *that* point, right?” one fan posted on Reddit. “I mean Rhaenyra taking King’s Landing. That would mean that we are gonna see quite a few major deaths this season alone.

“Jaehaerys at King’s Landing, Rhaenys at Rook’s Rest. I’m all for it. It’s gonna keep the stakes high, rather than falling into the obvious plot armor of major characters in the later seasons of GOT.”

Other key deaths, including Jace at the Gullet, Otto and his son Gwayne at King’s Landing, and the House Strong in Harrenhal have also been considered for the finale, but other House of the Dragon viewers believe these plot points could actually introduce fans to Season 3 instead.

“Gullet was pushed back until Season 3. Also if Rhaenyra takes Kings Landing in the finale, then Otto being executed would almost definitely happen in the Season 3 premiere IMO,” one fan clarified.

A second agreed, “Jaehaerys and Rhaenys yes definitely. The rest will be Season 3 I think.

“If as expected Season 2 ends with a big battle sequence showing the fall of KL then Otto’s execution will happen at the start of Season 3. Same for Aemond’s massacre of the Strongs since he will only just arrive at Harrenhall in the Season 2 finale.”

In the House of the Dragon Season 1 finale, Arrax burns Vhagar, who then devours Lucerys and Arrax. It’s safe to say that both Aemond and Rhaenyra are stunned, devastated, and angry.

However, it goes without saying that no plots for the Season 2 finale have been confirmed this early on. Logic tells us that Daemon will spend most of the season in Harrenhal, and the Sowing of the Seeds will likely happen in the final quarter.

There’s still no information surrounding characters who are set to play a major role in upcoming storylines, such as Luthor Largent.

“It is much safer to assume that the final battle will be in the Riverlands, more likely the Battle of the Red Fork (we’ve seen the Lannister army in the trailer) and we know thanks to casting info and spy photos that Lord Jason Lannister and Lord Humfrey Lefford will have scenes this season,” another fan concluded.

House of the Dragon Season 2 premieres on June 16. Make sure you check out our breakdown of the Targaryen kings and the wildest House of the Dragon fan fiction online. You can also find other new TV shows streaming this month.

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