Succession: Kieran Culkin says there “could be” a Season 5

Kieran Culkin in Succession Season 4HBO

Succession is coming to an end with its fourth season – however, there “very well could be” a Season 5, according to Kieran Culkin.

We’ve relished every single moment of the Roys’ hilarious, tragic journey since the beginning of Succession, but HBO’s award-winning drama is set to close with its upcoming Season 4 finale.

Showrunner Jesse Armstrong announced the news earlier this year, vowing to answer the “promise” of the show’s title and bow out with a “muscular, complete” conclusion.

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However, that’s not to say he’s overjoyed with parting ways with the series, and there may be a few ideas brewing for another season, or perhaps even a spinoff.

Kieran Culkin teases possible Succession Season 5

Speaking to Taika Waititi for a new Interview Magazine feature, Culkin discussed about wrapping up his time as Roman Roy. “I knew this wasn’t the kind of show that could keep going and going,” he said, explaining how he always had five seasons in his head.

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“It was just a number I had in my head. I remember, towards the end of Season 3, going, ‘I’m worried we’re going to enter a territory where we’re becoming Succession-y.’ Then when Season 4 happened, the first two episodes, I remember reading scripts and thinking, ‘Okay, this feels a little Succession-y. It’s very good, but I’m a little worried about it.’

“And then from [episode] three on, this season is very, very different, which is exciting, but makes me feel like, ‘Couldn’t there be a five, now that the show is kind of different?’ I want to see what else happens. And there very well could be. Jesse knows that.”

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This isn’t the first time Culkin has suggested the show could continue after Season 4. In an earlier interview with Variety, the actor said Armstrong “threw up three different ideas for a Season 5 that he claimed were off the top of his head” right after he told him it was ending.

“I was like, ‘I’m just speaking my mind here. But those all sound like really awesome,'” he said, but refused to share any details of what those ideas were, as they’d “spoil the ending.”

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You can read more about Succession Season 5 and why the show is ending here. Season 4 Episode 10 will be available to watch on May 28 in the US and May 29 in the UK. Check out our other coverage below:

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