Spy x Family episode 23 review: The mission concludes

Spy x Family episode 23Crunchyroll

Spy x Family episode 23 marks the conclusion of the Tennis Arc, executing and wrapping up the mission brilliantly.

Spy x Family episode 23 picks up right where the previous episode left off, continuing the Tennis Arc. And the episode is just as ridiculous as ever, making for a very amusing and hilarious watch. All the main cast are clearly super human to nonsensical degrees, but the anime itself is very aware of its own ridiculous nature, managing to capitalize on the lack of logical appeal by brilliantly utilizing humor.

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The episode remains true to the Spy x Family’s now iconic charms, while providing character development and insight for Fiona, who is sure to become many fans’ new favorite character for the series.

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A slight spoiler warning below for Spy x Family!

The underground tournament finishes

At this point in the story, it’s very clear who is going to win. The spies have infiltrated, and shown off godly powers, outperforming literal professionals and modified humans. Rather than trying to make sense of it, Spy x Family leans into showcasing Twilight and Nightfall’s superhuman powers.

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At a certain point, they’re literally flopping around dodging bullets, calculating wind trajectory alongside net movement, while predicting elevation changes from tampered floor. And while doing so, they play tennis flawlessly, outperforming the opponent who are utilizing modified rackets straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Once the match concludes, the villain’s son becomes a changed man — vowing to improve himself and live a better life.

It’s later revealed that the mission was all for naught. The “secret” code was the location of some photos of young female actresses, who the villain was trying to keep hidden from his wife in order to keep his family balance in check.

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Watching this play out, the viewers already know all of this doesn’t make sense anymore. And that’s what makes it so great. Spy x Family is no longer trying to appeal to logic. It’s just trying to create a funny and enjoyable viewing experience.

Yor versus Fiona

While driving Loid home, they run into Yor and Anya who are playing tennis outside. Fiona, still determined to win Loid’s love, challenges Yor to a tennis competition. Yor accepts the challenge.

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Whether Yor fully acknowledges it or not, subconsciously she views Fiona as a threat, a rival in love.

During Yor’s first serve, her tennis racket severs the ball into little pieces. Fiona is in disbelief. Even she, who literally performed gymnastics and practically went ultra instinct during the last match of the tournament, cannot believe her eyes.

Yor holds back the second time, and shoots out a ball that “surpasses the speed of sound.” Fiona watches the ball charge at her, and doesn’t have time to dodge. Her choices are two fold: hit the ball, or die after getting hit.

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She attempts to hit the ball back, which would have honestly gone out of bounds if she managed to dodge it. But since she had no time to dodge, her racket is demolished upon impact. Fiona is the better tennis player, but Yor’s overwhelming physical strength renders all of that practically useless.

This moment is once again so ridiculous, but honestly makes sense within the Spy x Family lore. In addition, after the shenanigans that was the tennis tournament, Yor’s shounen protagonist-like strength really doesn’t come as a surprise.

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Yor was always seen as the strongest person, even managing to be more physically capable than Loid. And Loid did state he practiced tennis with his family. So if he practiced with Yor, the opponents he faced during the tournament likely seemed like little children to him.

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