Love Like a K-drama: Rules of the dating series explained

Gabriela Silva
Contestants Rio and Song Ji-hyuk in Love Like a K-drama

Netflix is back with another dating series but with a unique twist and rules as hopeful Korean and Japanese actors strive for a coveted leading role in a K-drama and a chance at love off-screen in Love Like a K-drama

Love Like a K-drama is every fan’s dream come true as eight participants try to find love and sparks the same way it happens in popular K-dramas. Four female Japanese actors will meet four Korean male actors. Despite the language barrier, they will try to communicate and develop relationships.

While love is at stake, so is a coveted acting role. By the end of Love Like a K-drama, one hopeful couple will star in a real-life K-drama.

While Netflix has seen success with Single’s Inferno and its upcoming Season 3, Love Like a K-drama changes the stakes and rules, with added emotional drama to the heart.

Love Like a K-drama rules are easy to follow

The cast will live together in the bustling city of Seoul with newly paired couples auditioning for the chance to star in a K-drama episode.

Thankfully, the rules of Love Like a K-drama are straightforward. The eight contestants will live together for the duration of their time on the series. Despite the language barrier, many of them will be able to communicate with the use of translation apps. Additionally, some of the male actors know a bit of Japanese.

When first introduced to the female contestants, they ventured to a certain location within Seoul. There they would meet each male contestant. They then raised their hand if they would be interested in pairing with the male contestant. If more than one female raised their hand, the male contestant could choose. The remaining female contestants went on to the next location and the male contestant until all pairs were made.

The first initial pairs would then be given the Episode 1 script to practice and run through. Love Like a K-drama then had the pairs audition in front of selected judges. The pair that did the best would be chosen to film the episode.

Love Like a K-drama adds a twist to their rules. With each new episode, the pairs would be changed based on choice. Episode 2 of the series had the male contestants decide among themselves if they would stay with their partner or switch. If one female contestant was chosen more than once, a decision had to be made.

The rules follow the same pattern with the new couples auditioning for the episode and the winners filming it. For Love Like a K-drama Episode 4, the choosing process was changed. All the male contestants drew an item they would like to receive as a gift. The female contestants would then race to buy the item of the person they wanted – hoping to return first.

For now, the rules stay roughly the same with new couples being decided for each episode until getting to the finale for the final winning couple.

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