Secret Invasion: The Harvest explained

Cameron Frew
The vial with the Harvest in Secret Invasion Episode 5

In Secret Invasion Episode 5, we finally learn about “the Harvest” Gravik has been trying to find – here’s what you need to know.

The early episodes of Secret Invasion teased a major part of Gravik’s plan: a machine that could splice superhuman DNA and other species with that of Skulls, giving them extraordinary abilities; in other words, they’re Super-Skrulls, albeit a bit different from the comics.

So far, we’ve seen two sets of powers: the Extremis virus first introduced in Iron Man 3, which gave people the ability to heal from grave injuries and regenerate limbs; and Flora Colossus, better known as Groot. In Episode 4, we saw Gravik use the latter powers to crush a soldier to death.

That’ll pale in comparison to what Gravik is hoping to possess by the end of the series, and it’s only Nick Fury standing between him and unlimited power – so, here’s a breakdown of the Harvest.

What is the Harvest in Secret Invasion?

The Harvest is a hidden collection of Avengers DNA gathered in the wake of the Battle of Earth in Avengers: Endgame.

As Fury explains to Sonya in Episode 5, every hero spilled blood on the battlefield in the fight against Thanos, including Captain Marvel. So, before the dust fully settled, Fury tasked Gravik and other Skrulls with finding any and all DNA so he could lock it away in a safe location.

Fury believes this was the first seed of Gravik’s idea for Super-Skrulls, and if he gets the vial, he could – in theory – possess all of the powers of the Avengers at one time. This feels like a nod to Kl’rt, the “original and greatest” of all Super-Skrulls in the Marvel comics, who’s armed with the powers of everyone in the Fantastic Four. You can read more about Super-Skrulls here.

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