Secret Invasion trailer teases Fantastic Four supervillain

Marvel Secret Invasion Samuel L. Jackson Nick FuryMarvel Studios

The new Secret Invasion trailer teases the MCU debut of a Fantastic Four supervillain.

Marvel just dropped the second trailer for the upcoming Disney+ series, which sees the return of Samuel L. Jackson’s former S.H.I.E.L.D director and Avengers founder Nick Fury as he battles an infiltration of shapeshifting Skrulls.

As the first television show entry in the MCU’s Phase Five, Secret Invasion will likely set up storylines that could impact future projects such as The Marvels and, what we’re here to look at today, Fantastic Four. 

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Fans were delighted at the news that the Fantastic Four will be making their MCU debut after Marvel Studios took over the rights to the superhero group. Though the MCU’s first movie on the team isn’t due until 2025, we might get to see a familiar villain from the Fantastic Four comic book series stretching their way into Secret Invasion. 

New Secret Invasion trailer teases Fantastic Four villain

You can watch the new trailer for Secret Invasion below:

One of the most exciting aspects of Secret Invasion is the idea that many of Earth’s famed superheroes will be revealed as Skrulls in disguise, leaving viewers questioning which familiar face can be trusted.

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While we know the alien antagonists are set to be the main big bads of the show, viewers think they’ve spotted the Fantastic Four’s comic book enemy Super-Skrull, the codename of the Skrull soldier Kl’rt.

In two blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments in the trailer, we see a Skrull played by Kingsley Ben-Adir stretching or morphing his hand into various elements. And since Kl’rt possesses the power to mimic the Fantastic Four’s capabilities – including stretching – it could be a hint of his MCU arrival. 

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That being said, Ben-Adir’s character has already been outlined as Gravik, the leader of a group of rebel Skrulls – although he is not comic book canon. What’s more, many have pointed to his final appearance in the trailer in which his arm stretches out into vine-like branches, suggesting he could possess powers similar to Groot’s

With this in mind, we might be seeing a different iteration of the Super-Skrull, or Gravik could be setting the stage for his arrival. As said by Den of Geek: “The radicals led by Ben-Adir’s Gravik may have prepared by modifying their warriors with the abilities of those heroes, signaling the coming of Super-Skrull and the arrival of the FF and their excellent rogues gallery.”

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Given the Skrull’s shapeshifting nature and the ever-expanding Marvel universe, anything is possible right now. 

Secret Invasion will premiere on Disney+ on June 21, 2023. In the meantime, check out our other superhero TV & movie hubs below:

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