Is there a Secret Invasion Episode 6 post-credits scene?

Cameron Frew
Nick Fury in Secret Invasion Episode 6

Secret Invasion Episode 6, the finale of the new MCU show, is finally here – so, does it have a post-credits scene setting up the next movie in the franchise?

In 2008, Nick Fury first approached Tony Stark to talk about the Avengers Initiative. Fifteen years after the remarkable idea, Secret Invasion has placed him front and center of his own personal story, forced to confront past mistakes and broken promises to an entire race of aliens that depended on him.

The series pits him against Gravik, the leader of a rebel Skrull cell who’s managed to infiltrate governments across the world in an effort to incite global war. Oh, and he’s managed to collect some DNA from the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s rogues and heroes’ gallery, transforming himself into a Super-Skrull.

Fury vowed to “finish this” in Secret Invasion Episode 6, and now that the finale is here, you may be wondering if there’s a post-credits scene à la almost everything else in the MCU?

Does Secret Invasion Episode 6 have a post-credits scene?

No, Secret Invasion Episode 6 doesn’t have a post-credits scene.

This is genuinely surprising, given we’ll see Fury again later this year when he appears in The Marvels, reuniting with Carol Danvers as she teams up with Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan.

It’s not like it’s a difference between the movies and TV shows: WandaVision teased the Scarlet Witch’s whereabouts at the beginning of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness; The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s post-credits scene saw Sharon Carter pardoned and revealed to be the Power Broker; and Moon Knight showed Arthur Harrow meeting Jake Lockley, Marc Spector’s third alter ego.

More notably, Ms. Marvel’s finale post-credits scene showed Kamala being teleported away by her bangle and Carol Danvers suddenly appearing in her bedroom closet, serving as a direct lead-in to The Marvels.

There’s been a bit of confusion about exactly when Secret Invasion and The Marvels take place in relation to each other, but Samuel L. Jackson told Empire: “This series has to happen so that The Marvels can happen. All these things are connected in an interesting sort of way.”

Secret Invasion Episodes 1-6 are available to stream on Disney+ now. Check out our other coverage below: